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“Killer harmonica man, diggen your sound”

“You are a very talented player. Please keep on sharing your gift.”

“I love the Harp and you are a master on it. I loved all the songs I have heard and will be back for more. All I can say is you "Blew Me Away". Keep it coming. Also, thanks for your support.”

“A beguiling master of the harmonica!”

“Thank you for you deep rich Memorable sounds of music... Touch's the heart Many Blessing”

“I enjoyed listening, your music sounds awesome! Brilliantly played”

"Thunder Melody" awesome playing...take care and play on ...hugs from Austin

“Your music is GREAT! I see why your #1. Keep the music coming.”

“ove your sound...great harmonica playing...wishing you much success...Jaimze in Seattle”

“I love the way you play the harmonica! You have a very beautiful, clear tone, and the melodies are absolutely lovely!”

"Thunder Melody of Harmonica" sounds greta! Enjoying my listen here. ~Mykoman

“so beautiful.You did a wonderful arrangement!!”

“Love the harmonica! Great tracks!”

“You're an inspiration! Love your music :) Keep up the hard work! -WoJo <3”

“Good talent and hard work helped you make these masterpieces. Keep it up!”

“Great tracks. Best wishes for continued success. Mike”

“Hii Buddy ! I was listening your music and really liked it "Family tree" is a great track. Keep bringing the music.”

“I’m a composer and pianist from Ukraine, impressed with your music and your performance. Best wishes to you!”

“Hello 1ManRoX!! Thanks and I really enjoyed listening to your songs!! Great sound and well done!!!!!!!”

“I really dig your sound! Wishing you the best in all that you do! :o)”

“Very interesting! Best of luck! Beautiful voice!”

“Ilove it Rajinder! beautiful and unusual. Spiral”

“Greetings from Las Vegas! cool tunes, God Bless James”

“Fantastic music great sound...”

“Very rich and beautiful voice! Keep up the great sounds!”

“Very unusual and beautiful music! Well done!”

“Man you have awesome sound - I love it when musicians respect time and silence! Good job my friend”

“Your music sounds awesome! Look forward to hearing more! Keep up the good work! MargaretP COSMIC EDICT band/indie”

“WOW man im loving the Unique folk jazz sound! keep it up”

“Your music is sweet and soothing - a combination of World-NewAge and Klezmer”

“LOVE your music, fam!”

“Fantastic style, original tracks.”

“great work, love your music. Greetings from Bilbao and a new fan :-)”

“very cool thank you cheers”

“Hi 1ManRox! Great music! God Bless you! Happiness! Success!”

“Very relaxing sound!!”

“Wow! Your music is incredible. Brilliantly composed and played. I love it! Beautiful to the soul.... Blessings!”

“Amazing music !!! :) Success for you !!! :)”

“Excellent harp!! You have a very nice groove~”

“Lovely pieces. Each one is a gem of beauty lit by the heart in a superb way! A true joy to listen to.--Sammy”

“Rajinder, you are truly a master of the harmonica. The music enchants and beguiles. And your songs have an irresistible beat.”

“Hey 1manrox! Love the stuff and you are a very talented individual! Cant wait to hear more!”

“Keep da good work up. I am a big fan of your work”

“Wow! very impressive work.”

“Hi Rajinder your songs a very interesting and original. You play your mouth organ very well All the best to you”

“Fantastic style, original tracks.”

“Love it .. lovely sound!”

“great music and wonderful songs .keep it up.”

“Awesome! Brilliant! Outstanding! Lovely! Fabulous! Superb! 5 STARS”

“I am enjoying your sound! Awesome music with your harmonica and great voice! Best wishes! Nancy”

“I love your voice, rhythms, and harmonica playing!”

“keep up the killer work....Cheers!!!”

“We enjoyed listening to your tracks! Keep up the creativity and inspiration! Cheers, DPB”

“A pleasure to visit your page this evening! Loving your unique sound and originality!! Much love and respect from a new Australian fan! -stay creative- :)”

“Your music is powerful and excellent!!!”

“Cool feel & unique style. Keep doing you out there.”

“you are a talented musician, original sound. I dig New Age Music, very deep and soul full. Great harmonica skills! I am a fan!”

“What an original sound...you've got real talent - stick at it! Wishing you much success! Bryony :) x”

“Loving your music. It's great. Thank you for introducing this sound to me. Much success”

“Great blend of genres, cool sound.”

“Interesting fusion of styles - Rock on.”

“Keep up the great work!”

“Very Original Sound!! Incredible Talent!! Excellent Music!! Best Regards~ J.O.A.”

“Killer tracks!! Great stuff :)”

“Keep up the great vocal work. Much love from Ukraine.”

“Enjoying this delightful Sunday afternoon while listening to the best tunes! DA”

“great stuff over here! greetings and love from Heidelberg, Germany”


“your music is awesome”

“Listened to " Barkattaan Pitraan …". Really nice! Gave it a like!”

“Great Sound and Playing!”

“Heard you on ReverbNation radio and became a fan.”

“Very nice music :) Thank you”

“very unique...excellent sounds”

“:-)Hi there I love the spirit of your style, Awesome concept and tunes, Lovely vibe”

“your voice reminds me of legendary Kishore Kumar n kumar sanu.loved the mouthorgan melodies!! all the best!”

“You have a great voice as well as play virtuoso Harmonica. Excellent music and craftsmanship. All the best! JCC aka TSD”

“Very unique sound. I recommend. Good luck”

“this is such a unique, quirky and intriguing sound you're using here, I just had to hang out with some of these tunes..has a strange blend of gypsy, dub, and rhythm and blues rhythms that is very entertaining. Never heard anything quite like it!”

“Very cool sound; watched your video!! :) Love Izzi...”

“great job!!! love the music and the video"s”

“I love listening to new music! Very enjoyable sound! Love the music! Play on in greatness!”

“Great, that worked! thank you! Great music you have!”

“Hi 1ManRoX, great songs. We "like it".”


“great sound and glad to be a fan... God Bless”

“Hi, great vibe you have happening here! Hope you're having a fantastic weekend! Peace, Love, & Music, The Judes”

“Hey great stuff how long have you been doing music for?”

“Awesome tunes!!!”

“Hello Rajinder! Your music is very cool and unusual! Great! Marek.”

“diggin' the harp on Children Blues ... very nice approach to blues harp !! ... peace from NE GA USA ..............Pappy”

“Hi ! Very nice and engaging music!”

“Hi! Nice work, keep on creating! Good luck and all the best to you from Russia! Privet :)”

“great! very nice stuff!”

“Hello. I enjoyed Children Blues Rock a lot!! Thanks!”

“Nice music, keep doing your thing....”

“Nice music! Keep it up.”

“Interesting & Nice!”

“Loving your exceptional tracks. Great music! Great performance! Wish you all the best! Peace N Love N Music”

“Nice music, and amazing vocals! ”

“What a cool sound - keep it comin' Rajinder! Thanks Johnny =^..^=”

“Nice to meet you! Much appreciate your music style :) Have a very nice day.”

“Love your style ! and lovely vocals ~ enjoyed !! thanks for the support and all the best from Australia ~”

“These are fascinatingly unique and beautiful tunes. I love the sound of the mouth organ and your vocal is stellar!”

“Great voice! God Bless, Laramie Cooley & Kilkenny's Secret ”

“Amazing fusion of styles & cultures, such an innovative blend of music & harmony. Love both 'New Age Music' & 'Children Blues...' respect!”


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“Brother, 1MANROX, your skills are excellent. Real good music arrangemenrs. Your breathing arrangements are strong also. Looking forward to listening to more. May god bless you & your family. Keep up the excellent work. DOC.”

“Your a very tallented individual and I love the fusion of sound and styles. Keep up the great work. Q.D.”

“I liked "Children Blues"-very unique sound and the harmonica is amazing.”

“An interesting case of east meets West...A ggod fusion of sounds...Regards...Mo”

“unusual music sounds good!”

“Great playing and killer tone!”

“Very Interesting tunes! Keep up the good work!”

“Children blues really shows your talents!”

“Vids and songs are wonderful .... Keep doing what you are doing , it is excellent Blessings Stu "Bear"”

“Greetings From Scotland.Love your unusual sound especially "Childrens Blues Rock" Music can take us many unexpected places. Enjoy the Journey :-) Keep Playing & Spreading the music. Support & Respect from JJoolz JOIN ME :www.facebook.com/jjoolz”

“Cool music, I really like your song New age music.”

“Hi Rajinder. Nice to meet you here on Revebnation. very cool harmonica playing and using the echo and voice combination is great.”

“What a creative and interesting sound you have. LOVE IT! Keep it up. Wayne”

“I enjoyed listening to your music..they are cool. I am your fan now!”

“Great sound you have! Peace, Dr Brad Dean”

“New Age music is a very great track, fresh and original stuff...”

“I'm lovin' your music! Keep it up. xx Your new fan, Juliann”

“I especially enjoyed your videos. You are an extremely skillful player! Wishing you a wonderful weekend, ~Anna”

“cool and original!! respect from chicago. g ”

“Your music is different, interesting!”

“hi, proof that one man can rock! much respect to ya, really enjoy your music, I like mere wattan, keep up the great work!”

“Great sound...I love the use of your cultural scales. By the way...I play Sitar and use to live in Karola!”

“Great music.You got talent.Best wishes! Zafrius”

“I'm so amazed by you and your talents! Keep it up :D”

“Dear Rajinder, So beautiful and magnificent universe* Absolutely brilliant! Thank you so much and nice to meet you! Warmest greetings from Japan Ryo, ”

“Hey 1ManRoX, your music is truly fantastic! I'm a big fan of yours...thank you for sharing! ”

“Beautiful vocals and music :)”

“A great pleasure Rajinder to wake up and have my coffee to your new music and friendship!”

“I enjoy listening to your excellent music.”

“I am impress by your compositions: deep, inspiring, and smart. Bravo!”

“great music, great blend of different styles! :)”

“Great music from my Friends brings sunshine into my day! Many Greetings - Wolfgang -”

“Unusual and original music. Very evocative and interesting. A virtuoso!”

“very beautiful creative sound”

“Hello sweet sounds! Great to meet you”

“original blues great!!!”

“Mera Wattan Mera Aagaaz Song :) excellent”

“GREAT music!!♥♥”

“Excellent blend of traditional and modern sounds to create a unique style. I like it1”

“Very Cool! And Different My New Friend :) basement Rocks! band.... Peace! :)”

“Thank you! Keep up the cool harmonica playing!”

“Great harmonica work and very engaging music ...”

“excellent music, keep up the great work”

“Great Job My Friend...LOVE the Harp...>”

“Hi.Liked ur music,I'm a fan.Also”

“best of luck to you...I love the rhythms!”

“Keep going with your beautiful music!”

“Listened to your songs and enjoyed very much.”

“great playing sir!! V&B”

“Digg your unique sound!”

“Great mouth organ, different sound, good to hear.”

“enjoying your stuff”

“Good music and vocals good luck”

“Great Sounds, With Harmonica”

“Interesting sounds.”

“I really enjoyed your music.”

“I love your music!!!! ”

“Very entertaining.....Thanks for opening my eyes to an instrument that I have never seen before.Nice,melodic voice,also.”

“keep enjoying your music.”

“Great music on the harmonica and I love the blend of tradition and contemporary sounds. ~KC”

“Thanks for your support and sharing your music! You rock!”

“Stopping by for a listen - great stuff - thanks for connecting!”

“Hello! Rajinder*1ManRoX! lo Really enjoyed your harmonica Plays! My Daddy used toplay to Me! I,m Country & Tributes Artis!Waylon Jennings*plus adios* Stephan'ChuckNors'Stenzel Midwest US Cowboy of Mn/Sometimes Texas*too! lol God Bless*”

“A very unique offering here! Love the mix of traditional and contemporary ~ Oona.”

“your music is amazing”

“Hi Rajinder ... great playing my friend :)”

“Hi Rajinder...It is time again to hear your great music! Have a great weekend ... Blessings - Wolfgang”

“You rock brother! Cheers from THE TIME BOMB KA-BOOOOOOOM!”

“Keep up the great work. I wish you all the best with your music. Cheers :)”

“Hey! Enjoying your music! Listening to ' New age rmusic' Will be back! xx”

“AMAZINg Harmonica ! Fantastic !”

“had a listen to " children blues rock on... " and really enjoyed the song, arrangement, melody,nice mouth organ sound and style..good stuff!..your new friend dean..blessings and peace!”

“GREAT music! keep up the good work! i fanned you! wish you a wonderful weekend! :D God Bless xoxo stay in touch”

“keep up the good work”

“Thanks for sharing your unique sound out here... keep up the great work!”

“Hey Rajinder, you have some fine sounds here.”

“Hey! Very cool material!!!! ”

“Thanks also to your wonderful music”

“Great video! Good luck on reverb”

“Hi 1Manrox would love to join you ,your music is awesome wow Hugs”

“wow,awesome playing my friend”

“Your music is great”

“You have a beautiful voice!”

“Hey 1ManRoX! You Rock”

“Awesome and very unique. Great job. ”

“I'll bet The Children of India Love Your Harmonica too! God Bless!”

“u r the best! Really luv your music!”

“love your music All the best”

“Amazing Harmonica play”

“great stuff, thanks for your good music”

“you have a very original sound”

“some very interesting sounds”

“Great work! All the best to you!”

“I like your music very much !”

“3SUPERB SONGS,Music and Performance. I enjoyed all 3 Songs. Keep making Music. Have a Blessed holiday.”

“Rajinder, you are truly a master of the harmonica. The music enchants and beguiles. And your songs have an irresistible beat.”

“Hey love the tracks, keep up the good work!”

“Wow, this is impressive stuff.”

“Awesome Music! Great sound and vibes. Good job!”

“Hi Rajinder your songs a very interesting and original. You play your mouth organ very well All the best to you”