Sarah Hughes / Press

“Love that home grown quality of your voice. Really like your music. scott j”

Miserable End - Reverb Nation

“This is my thank you note. Thank you for befriending me on RN the other day. You are probably a little worried about me now. I see I have posted a few times to your wall. I am getting old now and forget stuff. But you captured my attention with I Tell Myself and Time For You To Go. I know this chord progression from my youth, but could not place it for a couple days. It's an old Bob Dylan song, but you probably know this. Any artist can reuse a common chord progression. I do it. In my children's song, Yellow Fellow, the B section is the chord progression for Hotel Californial. I have used it in two songs actually. Anyway, your music has been driving me crazy trying to recall where I heard it before. Sorry about all the attention. I will leave you to rest in peace now. God bless. Thank you for the add. Bye.”

Magnificat Sonnets - Reverb Nation

“I heart this. I listened to "Highway" and I reeeeeeeeeeeally heart this. What a song...I mean what an exceptionally emotional, beautifully sung, and eloquently composed piece. I. Heart. This.”

Ross Gipson - Reverb Nation

“I just wanted to say how much I liked your music. Lovely voice. Lovely songs beautifully played. The way you've kept the arrangements simple is excellent, it's as if I took the front off my speakers you and the band would be there which is great. One last thing - 'I Tell Myself' is brilliant!!”

Paul Townson - Reverb Nation

“found you through mark steven. I love the vibe in your recordings! nice stuff! your voice is great and I like I tell myself ”

One Match Left - One Match Left/ reverbnation

“Btw, Not This Time, Absolutely Beautiful. Nice vocal performance, you are great on that acoustic too. Dave. ”

Reverb Nation - Dave

“Hey Sarah, Listening to your new Highway recording. LOVE IT!!! You have an amazing voice. I always love listening to your songs. This one is really really good. :) Thanks for telling us that you had put it online. ~ Saxony Raine (female vocalist) 10 MILES OF BLUE ”

“NICE is that Ovation guitar? very pretty sounds keep it up! ””

Jango Airplay.com - Fallon NV

““ it likes my girlfriend. She's a different station”

Jango Airplay.com - Stgo Chile

““ la lang "”

Jango Airplay.com - Bancock

““ IT GREAT ....”

Jango Airplay.com - Tanger Morocco

““ Thank you for the Nice Song You have, I Loved to Listen it, Keep up your good work,Job well done...... ””

Jango Airplay.com - Jimenez, Mis.Occ.

“you have a great voice, Sarah ......good luck x ””

Jango Airplay.com - Leichester England

““ Yes, Great !! ””

Jango Airplay.com - NKP Thailand

““ fantastic ””

Jango Airplay.com - El Dorado Phillipines

““ you have a lovely voice sarah”

Jango Airplay.com - Whakatane New Zealand

““ lovely voice... good control... expecting more from you Sarah... keep up the great work... am already ur fan... ””

Jango Airplay.com - India

“WOW!....I have no words, simply amazing. You just ripped my heart out...but in a good way : )”

Jango Airplay.com - Unnited States

““ powerful vocals ””

Jango Airplay.com - Monitoba Canada

““ cool sound... :) ””

Jango Airplay.com - Dhaka Bengladesh

““ Great rythm, fantastic and beautiful voice :D ;) ””

Jango Airplay.com - Piran Slovenia

““ nice muzik ””

Jango Airplay.com - Plovdiv Bulkgaria

““ great voice, great feeling put forth in that voice ””

Jango Airplay.com - Shanghai China

“dear, as you'll put in my profile to share your music, I consider fresh, original and goes straight to the heart. Your voice is unforgettable, and I think and feel that you're so honest and brave with your lyrics ... I insist, your voice is captivating, you're an artist with the Banda case sounds very solid. Guauuuuuuuu great! Have a beautiful week, honey. ”

Adolfo - Adolfo Calatayu

“that song is a hit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you definitely have the ability now you just need a break. im a rock n roller so im not biased but you will be successful . no doubt about it.sarah i think your on your way to superstar status i did listen to your other songs to peace out from the las vegas kid .”

John - Vernon John Vivio

“yes it's so nice and sweet i like u'r style all things in u ...my angel voice .”

Hapokan Yoseiken - Hapokan

“hey I just listened to you sing unlucky in love on youtube and I loved it.you have an awesome voice. takecare,Dane ”

Dane - Dane Little

“Pretty song sweetie. Keep rockin!!! The K-dog ”

K-Dog - Kevin

“I love the song Sarah, and.... You sound great. You also look wonderful...”

Hero - Mr Whizard

“YES! YES! YES! These are big league tracks…terrific sound….All the best for continued success on REVERBNATION and all of your other musical endeavors…..With warmest regards…Pat B. ♪♪♪♪♪”

Yes! Yes! Yes!

“Terrific tracks…Thoroughly enjoyed my visit to your page. Continue to make great music and much success on REVERBNATION and beyond…Pat”

Pat B - Terrific Tracks

“Love your style! Can't wait for your album release! ”

Exfixia - Love Your style