Fist to the Sky / Press

“Easily one of the best live acoustic episodes we have had on the airwaves to date. We really enjoyed what we put out.”

“If I was a record label executive or A&R representative, I would sign these guys tomorrow!”

“This band deserves the recognition they are getting, it is extremely difficult to make metal beautiful and they’ve accomplished it”

“Provides a true heavy metal sound that appeals to a large audience”

“One of the hardest working bands in the Chicago-land area.”

“Fist to the Sky shows so much growth and potential as a band. I was saddened that there were only two songs to listen to. These guys definitely have a handle on what it means to be a heavy metal rock band. Their edginess is unique and impressive.”

“As a long time musician I want to honestly say that this was the best original live show Ive seen in a club since 1979.”

“The solo in Down Into Hell is so tough, it could turn Rob Halford straight. It blew me away. I’m not making direct comparisons here, but that wasn’t some radio rock cut it and forget it solo, and the backing riff to match was a tasty treat.”

“I get the impression these guys do what they do the way they do it because that is what they enjoy. Hang on to that; don’t let anybody force you into a product mold.”

“Looking for an immense Powerhouse Metal/Rock band? Fist to the Sky has that feeling. The guitar playing is so exceptional. Down Into Hell is out right one of my favorite songs. The fast vocals/screams, the riffs in the song, the hard drumming beats, and the solos. They are just incredible. I'm glad these guys are from the Chicago area, I will be checking them out soon.”

“All of the hard rock you can handle, and one of the best shows you will see all year. The best the Chicago Rock Scene has to offer!”

“Top 5 nominee in the 2010 Chicago SuburbanNites Magazine for Best Alternative band, Best Original, and Best Heavy Rock.”

“FTTS is a young group of rockers with fire in their eyes. They are a heavy rock band with somewhat of an alternative twist to their sound.”

“I have always heard good things about FTTS and let's be honest, they are very good once I took a listen to their music.”

Joey DeMarco - United Talent Coordinators

“I am impressed, you guys are really good. Id like to work something out so we can get you back here at Real Time Sports on another night.”

Manager - Real Time Sports

“Please get in contact with me soon. I was very impressed with your performance and you need to play here again, soon!”

Nick Katsilieris - Bada Brew Management