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“Super band with a unique mix of heavy rock/punk/grunge metal, and you really can here it all including the super vocals of the lead singer there’s also a twist of good old rock n roll in there to. Vocally fantastic. Lyrically superb and the music well it rocks big time.”

"Go Ahead and Go" sounds like an old ballad track from Poison, which is a good contrast to "Crazy Man", a half-time track with a familiar sound the likes of Ozzy and Metallica. This gives way to the more traditional heavy melody, "Lurking Inside". Finally closing with a track that even though is not a cover of Megadeth, their influence is obvious with "The Evil We've created" (anyone who has heard "Countdown to Extinction" will know what we mean after hearing this track).

“The high rock energy from the music in this song is a real turn on. The way the singer rocks the lyrics is also a turn on. His voice sounds so cloudy and dark. This song represents the true rock music spirit with the hint of metal.”

Reverbnation Reviewer - Lurking Inside

“While the sound of these Americans, 19 Til Dawn, is hard to pigeonhole into a definitive style (something that we who take the time to listen and write reviews about like to do) it can be said that they took influence from the heavy metal, hard rock, and thrash metal sound of the eighties to create a CD like "The Evil We've Created". The vocal style of Jason Hiaeshutter, intentional or not, sounds quite similar to Dave Mustaine of Megadeth. Songs like "Martyr to my Faith", the choppy riff of "World Anew" or the more mosher beat of "Methodical Trigga Kay" in general makes them look pretty good for a debut CD. The quintet formed in 2010 and is comprised by Joe Heit (bass), the aforementioned Jason on vocals, guitarists Dean Gray and Keith Ptasznik, and drummer Chris Sparrow.”

“love it! starts out taking you into dream realm then hits hard. good banging rhythm , reminds me of Metallica. I could draw/or paint to it its inspirational for me. this is a top seller heavy metal wise , release would prove profitable I know many people who would rock out to it. guitar solo rocks, good vocals and lyrics. drummer is awesome!”

Reverbnation reviewer - The Evil We've Created