16 Second Stare / Press

“With an aggressive sound, in the veins of ROB ZOMBIE, NIN and MARILYN MANSON - Their new self-titled record, 16 Second Stare is ready to take their place in the vanguard of the international metal scene. Fueled by the ferocious vocals of Chris Davis, who stepped out from behind his drum kit to prowl the stage like a madman, and driven by the onslaught of guitarist Angry Tim Shanks, the band has been winning legions of fans with its uncompromising stage show. During the summer of 2009, on the road with Crüe Fest 2, 16 Second Stare showed what they were made of winning over huge crowds with their radical onslaught. Now they're unleashing an equally radical album.”

“16 Second Stare gets Europe radio play”

“The Detroit-bred Shanks brings a bluesy, Tom Waits style with his raspy, smoky voice. The Alabama-born Pettus lends a rebel-rock edge. Together, they're a blend of modern meets old-school. Davis, the group released its debut Red Carpet Material disc last fall.”