1592 / Press

"1592's This One's for You All is a complex album full of deep grooves and deeper thoughts for our difficult and sometimes desperate times. But it also offers hope and inspiration--wrapped in stellar songs--to anyone willing to listen."

"This One's for You All, is an honest and tasteful throwback that presents an extraordinary range of diversity in sound and feel."

"This Album (The Rise of the Fallen) is almost a reggae/punk recording with the soulful melodies and artistry that only Detroit can bring. This isn't an umbrella in your drink, sitting on the Beach record. It is a reflection of a city that is down and looking for some healing. The songs are well crafted, the musicianship is exceptional, but the feeling I get is realism, a raw energy from these guys."

Diggin Down Deep - iTunes

"For a long time it totally seemed like the ska scene was dead, like very dead. But after Saturday's 1592 show, our faith has been revived!"

Mini, Haddad, Sugarman, Bonaventura, Pesta - Real Detroit

"We're pretty sure they didn't have reggae or dub back in the year 1592... Think Toots, Tubby and Desmond Decker - none of that 311 bullsh*t."

Ryan Allen - Detour Mag

"Their skankin' soul-dub'll blow up your skirt like Toots or Lee Scratch; it's global via Jamaica filtered through Livernois and the 313. Incredible stuff."

Handyside, Holdship, Jackman, B. Smith, N. Smith - Metro Times