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“What up MrALPHAUNO!!! now i gotta say fam this joint right here with the vibe and all, and the sound brings me back to the good old days REAL! Music! my g not like this stuff you here in the radio today,and coming out of KC! straight up crack i love it i defo gave u guys a thumbs up for originality and defo keeping it real Bx to Kc! nothing but love for u guys stay strong! DjHess,Peace... ”


“video dope bro”

“`Asr Records proud to sign its first Hip-Hop act 1315 formally the URBZ. Great video representing a facet of the Midwest”

“very well done video! nice flow too! one of a kind! GREAT WORK! truly one of a kind!”

“freaking impressive! reminds me of the first album outkast had!”

“Imagine then DNA of the Wu-Tang Clan,Public Enemy,N.W.A. and the Ghetto Boys and u have one of the most lyrical groups in all of Rap Music.Hypnotic tracks and mystical metaphors make 1315 real to the fullest.To them its not all about the coonery,glitz and glam of the music biz,its about staying true to the art of Rap Music and the craft of lyric writing.`Asr Records is proud and honored to have 1315 as its inaugural foray into the world of Rap music and hiphop.These men represent their city and their culture like no other.To all in creation I present to u 1315. Richard L. White President Label Operations `Asr Records”