10 Reasons To Live / Press

“If 'Breathe' reminds you of the great days of Rock, wait until you have listened to 'Come Alive', a song destined for musical rockery.”

"(When the Cavern Club celebrated their 50 years they invited 10 Reasons… to headline.) There is no bigger band that you may not have seen or even heard of. It won’t be that way for long"

“...the new songs have blown me away!”

“Well-crafted musically, strong and emotional lyrics, and amazing vocals - In These Times is definitely a keeper. Wow...superb and brilliant can't even begin to describe it.”

"I love it, really really love it. Bit of scouse rock with a hint of american twist."

“You've just completely blown me away with your EP.”

“This is one hell of an album, don't be fooled by the fact that it is free, this EP is solid!"”

“this is super accomplished statium rock with a loveble Iggy and the Stooges kick to it”

"You do not take another man's pint without his permission"

“They have already been No. 3 in the download charts! Do not forget to go and see them play live...!”

"...THE debut single from Liverpool's 10 Reasons To Live is a searing commentary on society's vapid obsession with looks and skin-deep beauty..."

"...bang up to date and far slicker, the sound is vibrant and pretty addictive..."

"...Fathers lock up your daughters, they are coming to take them away.."

"...they are the closest I’ve heard to that really solid, classy writing and production that the Americans do so well..."

“ONE of Liverpool's top bands will make a city appearance tonight..”