100 Watt Mind / Press

“Throwing around a curly mop of blonde hair, Nathan Hurlocker pounds with precision on the strings of his bass, forming a constant backbone behind the crunchy blues and rock riffs that power this heavy machine that is 100 Watt Mind. Never missing a beat, Rob Morris was especially energetic, displaying some of the most precise and technical rock drumming I have heard in a good while... Nathan and Rob lay down the perfect setting for Skyler Squglio’s roaring and incredibly perfect guitar riffs and solos... [Brynna Dean] appears to be the perfect misfit… clad in black clothes with black, sweat-soaked hair flung across her face as she rocks it out in front of the crowd. Yet her big beautiful brown eyes – if you’re lucky enough to see them when she’s not adorning her signature shades – reveal the knowing and wisdom of an old soul. With a voice that cuts right through the psychedelic haze of her male counterparts like a hot knife through butter, she is a sight and sound to behold”

"...the blade of the proverbial knife, resting firmly against my eardrums. This is a truly impressive band."

“[Out of Night] stands as a first impression of what the band represents... complete authenticity, honesty and no pretenses.”

“100 Watt Mind is the pride of Ashland, and they rock original psychodelic dirty roadhouse stomp blues.”

Northcoast Journal