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Zombie Pool Party / Press

"The horror punk/hip-hop/funk 5-piece is all about a good time, and the debut release from the Hollister/Morgan Hill troupe makes no bones about it (pun intended). Simply looking at the 70s, B-movie, cover art from their debut album, “Guns, Knives, and Kung​-​Fu Treachery”, says: Sex, Death, Party; let the guts fall where they may. ZPP comes at you hard, throwing down quick rhymes, distorted riffs, and funky licks, made for dancing, fighting, f*cking or any combination therein...“Guns, Knives, and Kung-fu Treachery” is a crazy good time; a West Coast party record through-and-through. A variation of styles appeals to just about any listener who loves bare bones rock, and ZPP is successful at showing their listeners continuity between genres, convincing listeners that no matter how loud the party rages, the band can always push it louder. The musical and movie references drip like flesh from undead teeth, creating a world where even in death, the party never ends."

"...Zombie Pool Party gets funky fresh and is the perfect band to perform when the place looks dead. It's like when someone puts on an old Michael Jackson song--you can't help but get down. Besides being arguably the best thing to come out of Hollister, these guys obviously know how to have a good time...Zombie Pool Party just might have what it takes to bring the dead back to life."

"Good for a hipster date night or a spin in the mosh pit, Zombie Pool Party takes it all in stride with their brand of non self-conscious, tongue-in-cheek, undead humor."