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Zebra Butterfly / Press

“I LOVE LOVE LOVE GOLDDIGGER BLUES!!WOW!! YOU GUYS ARE FABULOUS!!!! the recording sounds really clean and warm tones...GREAT JOB!!!!;)”

Aimie Page RN fan

“Love your band name and the songs! I think Be what you see is my favorite, but love the flavor of Shipwreck. Thanks for sharing your music! Look inside yourself, recognize your wealth...be what you see...great lyric!”

Danny Ray RN fan

“What a great, sexy, bluesy song...lotsa soul with a pinch of heartache and a dash of sass in the end...you guys are so versatile...so bendable, ya know, like Gumby with instruments you just make it work so beautifully..thank you for sharing your many talents and cannot wait for more~~~Ms. J”

Ms. J RN fan

"Shipwreck" is beautiful :) Really nice feel, great vocals and instrumentation :) Thanks for the message and Have a great weekend :) Love Jen xox

Jen of She SaiD & Hillbilly Dix RN fan

“ Shipwreck..I am totally without speech..speechless...the visual imagery is amazing when you listen to this song! I can so relate to the lyrics, and without a doubt some of your best sounds yet...beautiful...I know I am a little bit bias, but I try to be as truthful as possible, and Shipwreck has such a magical quality....love, love it...keep growing and stretching for more -- it's out there! With love and thanks for all the great music you share, Miss J ”

Joanie RN fan

“Diversity lends itself to great music! Amazing to hear all the influences coming together here ~ I was listening for the banjo, as this is one of my fave instruments..Rock on! Michele”

Michele Botel RN fan

“Oh god, I have to tell you. I've had a stressful day and this page and your music has been just the antidote! Thanks for what you do! I am WITH you on two days of freedom and a cheeky tequila! Emma”

Emma O'Reilly RN fan

“Love your music...instant addiction~! Two Days of Freedom..made me want to join right in there with you all.I'm especially lovin Bluecoat Devil Rides..You have really captured the lyrics with stlylin the drums and tam.Thank you for the listening pleasure! And my speakers love you too! LOL”

Christine of Nipple Nose RN fan

“Thank You for taking the time to checkout my tunes.I really needed to hear your song Sunnyside I just lost my brother to cancer two days ago'And I lost my sister to cancer three months ago"right before chritmas. Keep putting out the great songs!”

Wilson Road RN fan

“Wow, you guys are really great!! i love your "groove"...i really like "Wrapped up with you", "Shine" BUT my favorite is "Sunnyside"!! love the lyrics--"nothing's gonna bring me down".. you guys have great musicianship and a great positive vibe, keep it up!!!;)”

Aimie Page RN fan

“You guys are awesome! Love the musicality, the lyrics and arrangements! Super diverse in your style and can't wait to hear more from you! Peace!”

Major Music Fan RN fan

“Oh yeah, I am diggin your style! Wonderful bluesy-slash-retro mix, great percussion sounds, and good vocals/lyrics. I just cannot help but bob my head:-) Great work, keep it up!”

Mike Norton RN fan

“Wonderful music with a great feel and style!Such a flow of positive energy!!!Glad that you formed this band to express the music you have written because you have some fantastic tunes and it really working. Especially diggin' "Shine" Thanks so much ... Feb 25”

Destination Dawn RN fan