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Y69 / Press

“Speaking of playing the punk rocks for the peoples, Burlington’s Manhattan Pizza & Pub has become an unlikely hub recently, largely due to the monthly punk nights curated by the boys from Y69.”

“Punk Night at Burlington’s Manhattan Pizza & Pub continues this Thursday with Montréal’s Brixton Robbers and Burlington acts Y69, Skulls and One Man Empire. Word on the street is that Skulls’ gear was stolen while on tour in France, and they had to cancel an upcoming U.S. tour while they re-outfit themselves. Swing by Thursday and lend a hand to get ’em back on the road.”

“ Y69- We’ve Got Problems Rating: 4.5/5 This is the latest release from local Burlington punk group, Y69. Y69 consists of Greg Dusablon (drums), Chris Gibbo (Bass, vocals) and Glenn Woytowich (Guitar, vocals). They play an excellent blend of street punk and pop punk. “Queen City” gets things off to a start with a strong dose of street punk. Think of Stiff Little Fingers if they had a bit more pop in ‘em. Come to think of it, there’s also a small hint of Crass as well. “East Coast” is one of the stronger tracks that reminds me a bit of No Use For A Name, especially in the vocals. Regardless, I’d love to hear it live. Other tracks that I enjoyed were “Because We’re Low”, “Hell On Wheels” (recorded with the Green Mountain Derby Dames),”Sailing Away” and “I Gotta Go”. In conclusion, I really liked this album and would love to see Y69 play live. I would like to see more releases from them and bands that they work with as well. According to Dusablon, Y69 ha”

“Local punk rockers Y69 continue to fight the good fight against the recent so-stupid-it-would-almost-be-funny-if-it-wasn’t-so-fucking-stupid decision by the BPD to curb 18-plus nights at Burlington nightclubs and bars with a show this Saturday at Manhattan Pizza & Pub. The band hopes to host an all-ages punk night at the pizza joint every month. Stay tuned.”

“You know who’s super-pissed about the city’s recent decision to limit the number of 18-plus shows at Burlington nightclubs? Well, most reasonable, thinking people, actually. And 18-year-olds. And Y69’s Greg Dusablon. The punk drummer sent in a scathing missive after reading about the news last week in the Freeps — just an FYI, Greg, 7D covered that story, like, a month ago. Just saying. Anyway, few local music communities will be as affected by the BPD’s asinine move as much as the city’s punk and hardcore scenes, which are composed mostly of underage kids — though, in fairness, the bulk of those shows do happen in teen centers. Well, Dusablon is mad as hell, and he’s not going to take it anymore. He’s put out a call to arms — arms with “X” marked on their hands — for his band’s all-ages show at Manhattan Pizza this Friday with BTV punk legends the Wards, who threaten it will be their last of 2010. “It stops now, and we are not going to let them win,””

“Speaking of punk, Rough Francis ain’t the only game in town this week. Thursday night, Burlington’s bastion of teenage angst, 242 Main, hosts a smorgasbord of fun punk acts, including Boston’s Dead Ellington and locals Y69, Delirious Four and Rutland punkabilly outfit Midnight Saints. Also on the bill are Americana-punk sextet Larry and His Flask, who remind me of either a more muscular Avett Brothers or Social Distortion on Valium. That’s not a bad thing either way, really. Plus, when they arrive in Burlington Larry et al. will have spent the previous night (St. Paddy’s Day) playing with the Dropkick Murphys and Sick of It All at Boston’s House of Blues. I’m not sure, but this may set the world record for the greatest size disparity between clubs played in a 24-hour span.”

“Lastly, if you were going to set up a summer-long series of punk-rock shows in Burlington, where would you do it? 242 Main? That's the obvious choice, but the "substance-free" policy is a bit of a downer — though it's very commendable! How about Higher Ground?”

“If there is one juke joint in town that is tragically underutilized as a live music venue, it has got to be J.P.’s Pub on Main Street.”

“Because We’re Low, from Burlington punkers Y69, is humbly presented as a burned CD. Handwritten, two-tone album art and credits — band members Glenn, Greg and Chris are listed by first name only — contribute to the sense of informality.”

“Even if you’re not a fan of punk rock, it’s hard not to at least appreciate its no-frills aesthetic. In Burlington, few bands represent punk’s tattered appeal quite like Y69, who have been bearing the genre’s flickering torch for an improbable nine years.”