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“Carbonstone, an up and coming band based in Baltimore ended the night like no one can; with one electrifying anthem after another.”

“If you've never seen them, it's something to put on the To-Do-List. The production is top-notch but raw and unpredictable at the same time.”

“Carbonstone’s “Process of Elimination” show’s the band’s aggressive rock side and another example of some of the talented kick ass artist’s that the Baltimore scene has to offer.”

"Maryland-based Carbonstone takes modern rock, nu-metal, alternative metal and the works, right back to basics. This quartet has been around since 2005 and not only continue to build a concrete and loyal fan base, but also stay true to their signature sound built off influences such as Breaking Benjamin, Trapt, Three Days Grace and Adema. Their 2010 EP, Strength in Silence, and another untitled 2011 promotional disc showcase a really raw, stripped down sound – simple, to the point and no beating around the bush. I have to say for me, singer Corey James’ very characteristic vocals are the most recognizable feature of Carbonstone's music. I was impressed with his screaming – it has my stamp of approval."