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World's Greatest Ghosts / Press

“Fantastical inspiration in their music... endearingly nerdy lyrics combined with lively electric-guitar hooks and swirling synth”

“The Sunset Rubdown-esque cut—entitled "Phantastes"—coils labyrinthine keyboards, synths and a circular guitar riff around a rushing drum kit. Then the fivesome shoots it all skyward with some NES-like bravado”

“The insistent, surging sound of this Portland quintet is one that, throughout their new album No Magic, will not let up. It may flatten out in long vistas, but otherwise it is nothing but peaks, each one more monumental than the one before.”

“No Magic is a refreshing return to raucousness. It’s indie-spazz rock in rapid-fire common time. The upbeat, energetic rhythms are made for dancing with your arms flailing wildly. You can just picture a guy doing a handstand on a Moog while the guitarist repeatedly scissor kicks.”

“No Magic is the best Portland rock record since the Thermals’ The Body, the Blood, the Machine, and I’m ready to stand behind it”

“A scorcher. The Portland band's epic pop-rock achieves an architectural grandeur that never betrays its addled energy ”

Portland Mercury

“the group has a knack for putting together catchy, danceable pop-rock with hooks that will run through your head a hundred times in one day without getting boring.”

“World's Greatest Ghost's sound is euphoric while at the same time inflated with antagonism. A few of their tracks like "Loudest Speaker", "The Royal Court", and "Potions" have that Islands quality of "yeah you thought this was a happy song, but guess what, it's kind of gloomy".”