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Word Man Rocks! / Press

“The latest addition to my musical family .,., The Venom virtual analog synthesizer has added a new dimension to my musical offerings here, pretty mello so far, but be assured harder rockin tunes are on the way soon, you know what they say about variety .,., so just think of it as a little spice in life! Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you find something that interests you!”

““The Candle Song” I almost lit a candle, the other night, while I was getting romantic, with my wife. But you’ve ruined all of that for me, in my life. One look at that flame, and the melting wax, and I just can’t stop those memories, from coming back. Red, white, and blue, melting wax, and me and you, maybe some brown mixed in there too. Yeah it sure did look nice, in different colors, every night, and they each had their own special scent, girl do you remember, how much it meant ? It meant so much, because it was a product of me and you ! Just something that we both, liked to do, making love, while our creation grew!”

“Steady as she goes .,., "Word Man Rocks!" cruises on towards on-line radio stations and on-line music magazines, soon to be available near you! Sooner if you request it! Thanks! .,., John”