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Joe McMurrian & Woodbrain / Press

““Joe McMurrian is one of those rare players who has developed his own idiosyncratic instrumentalist’s vocabulary. Never meaninglessly showy, but a fierce approach, A strange marriage of smoky tone, restraint, exuberance, and implied weariness..."”

Oregon Music News

“Joe McMurrian's album Get Inside This House has been nominated by the International Blues Foundation of Memphis as the Best Independent Self - Produced Blues Release of 2010”

International Blues Foundation of Memphis

““Unlike other acts that share these influences (Cream, Led Zepplin), WOODBRAIN doesn’t ape riffs or licks, but funnels its bluesy essence into material that shape shifts as it avoids clichés. …Psychedelic atmospherics…it’s surely Blues, but twisted and skewed by dynamic songs and edgy playing that never take the easy, logical way out. ..(WOODBRAIN) refashion’s the blues while maintaining its innate honesty …those looking for new directions for the blues will welcome WOODBRAIN’s unorthodox yet respectable style..Unique …entirely revolutionary…Unpretentious, Rocking…gruff…jazzy…jagged…slanted…winding…unusual…twisted…skewed…dynamic…Psychedelic…ooze…swamps…tornado of intensity…new…unorthodox…respectable. “ ”

Blues Revue Magazine

““One of the best electric blues bands on the scene... Think of Woodbrain as the North Mississippi Allstars of the Pacific Northwest. Certainly this band has enough dynamite in its sound to blow up a small bridge.” ”

Jazz.com 2009

““Contender in the ‘best thing I’ve heard all year’ stakes... Woodbrain make music within the blues tradition, but are not afraid to diversify and take chances . . . that’s what maybe makes this release so appealing.” ”

Blues in the Northwest UK (Ireland)

"The band is..seamless, fearless and telepathic, laying miles of roots pavement over which McMurrian plies his gritty stories with a rough-and-tumble voice and monstrous guitar chops.”

““ skillful, intrepid and full of more well-worn grooves than an old 78-rpm record.Woodbrain, for all its old-school,slow-smoked flavor,has definitely moved the genre forward in a fresh way."”

" they are as pure an ensemble as the music world has ever witnessed regardless of genre..they are indeed, chaos in control. Reaching that midway point of artistic bliss, while ever evolving.."

Greg Johnson - Cascade Blues Association

“This quartet, like some muddy river, rolls on with dark and hypnotic intent, roiled by the occasional musical eddy. Their free-form explorations of the blues evoke the sounds of the Rev. Gary Davis, R.L. Burnside and Son House, but they play well outside the confines of rural blues.”

Don Campbell - The Oregonian

“They're extremely innovative with a sound completely their own....This quartet should be viewed as sculptors, or painters. They're creating a new dimension of the blues within our dreams.”

Cascade Blues Association