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Wily Bo Walker / Press

“The six tracks, Long Way To Heaven, Love Will Find A Way, Angels in The Night, the utterly superb Did I Forget (To Tell You I Love You), Rendezvous Des Cheminots and the stunning closer of Light at the End of the Tunnel tangle with the art and craft of well presented set of songs and the sight of that green dress shimmering in the moonlight of a New York night; the Devil sated and happy to have helped you dance. A Long From Heaven can only lead you to become a gumshoe, the private eye in search of their next recorded clue; it doesn't matter how long it takes, that clue will be found and prized. (Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K album review)”

“This highlighted work of Walker and Karena K may seem like a small token to appease the music lover, however sometimes what seems like the barest offerings hold a multitude of beauty, the intriguing wonder of what else is to come if you go and search for it. Not a best of album, more like a scratch the surface and breathe deeply, for the rest is yet to come. If this six track album is A Long From Heaven, then perfection must be unobtainable. Throughout the album it is possible to feel yourself floating gently as a man in a smoking white tuxedo and a hot blowing trumpet reels you in, the area around 77th Street in New York bustling with the sound of expectation and a dream like quality that serenades you in the form of a devil in a flowing green dress and the smell of Cuban cigars infiltrating your senses. It may not be Heaven but there is no doubt on how heavenly it sounds.”

“Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10. There are combinations that are just made to make the heart swing that little faster, the amalgamation of seemingly different flavours that somehow go together and produce a slice of unexpected and much admired bliss. The album may steadfastly proclaim that it’s A Long Way From Heaven, however just an hour in the company of Wily Bo Walker and Karena K and the highly original songs that come across the innocent sounding space between speaker and ear is soon filled with the sweet resonance of angel siding up to a Blues/Jazz combo and uttering the immortal words, “Turn up the heat baby, you’re on fire!””

“Beautiful song, you just have to listen to that till the last drop (Long Way To Heaven - Wily Bo Walker & Kareña K)”

“A great little album, I highly recommend it (A Long Way From Heaven - Wily Bo Walker & Kareña K)”

““I wake up with this song in my head, it's that good (Love Will Find A Way by Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)””

“Mighty Fine Stuff (A Long Way From Heaven- Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“The amazingly voiced Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K”

“A Long Way to Heaven is one fine collaboration by Wily Bo Walker and Karena K. With the grittiness of Wily Bo Walker's voice and the sultriness of Karena K's voice they bring you some of their greatest work so - only one thing better - hearing them perform this live!”

“Fantastic album ( A Long Way From Heaven by Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“If you like your blues with a funky feel and lush vocals, then this should be for you. The opening title track - A Long Way From Heaven - features the distinctive bass-rich raspy vocals from Wily Bo, that will surely rock your speakers. Next up is Love Will Find A Way - a do wop tune complete with birdsong. Angels in The Night is a brooding slower number with the emphasis on the vocals. The rest of the instrumentation is mixed way back in the mix with guitar only coming through towards the end. Did I Forget (To Tell You I Love You) another smaltzy slow shuffle. Rendezvous des Cheminots is more upbeat featuring horns from the Danny Flam Big Band. This really swings along very nicely. The closing track Light At The End of Tunnel was one of my personal favourites. A slow burner that just oozes style with some sympathetic guitar cutting through the vocals. All in all, a well-produced set of songs. A word, too, on the cover artwork by Susan Shulman - very colourful and intriguing.”

“A Long Way From Heaven maybe a bit closer to the fires below with this very strong bit of blues and grit from a talented duo. The Devil's music at its best in this six-track extended EP or short CD album. It's really take your pick here. All tracks are gripping and wonderfully produced to provide an excellent overall result.Fretwork is excellent, swampy and slithery at times with Wily Bo Walker's vocals rasping along like a road-repair crew shoveling aggregates. This guy has a voice that would make Dean Martin seem gritty! Luckily his vocals are perfectly counterbalanced by the sweeter notes of his partner, Karena K. A positively recommended effort from an exciting, dynamic pair of quality musicians. Worth checking out”

“Cracking extended EP/short CD album - take your pick. 6-tracks of good, strong fare here (A Long Way From Heaven - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“Stunning. Absolutely love that track...does me in completely (Long Way To Heaven - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“Superb track from a superb album (Rendez-vous Des Cheminots by Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

"an extraordinary vocal performance…" ('Same Thing' - Wily Bo Walker)

“This really rings my bell (Love Will Find A Way - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

"2014 was a great year for Wily Bo Walker. He scored hits with The Danny Flam Big Band, Rattlin Bone, The Mescal Canyon Troubadours and Kareña K. For the 2014 British Blues Awards Bo was nominated for Best Male Vocalist and Rattlin Bone for Best Band. The single 'I Want To Know' featuring Kareña K on backing vocals, as well as the album "Wily Bo Walker & The Danny Flam Big Band" are both currently being considered for a Grammy nomination for 2015. "A Long Way From Heaven" is a six track mini album highlighting the work of Wily Bo Walker & Kareña K. Their voices, described as barbed wire and angels, bourbon and roses, work so well together."

“Two really interesting voices, go and get that (Love Will Find A Way - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“Black and white vintage on steroids (Light At The End Of The Tunnel - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“They are an absolute talent (Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“I absolutely love that. I think it may even be better than love making. Totally blew me away. (Light At The End Of The Tunnel - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“You have the machismo and then the sexy and sassy, one of my favourite songs of the year (Love Will Find A Way - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“Incredibly good (Love Will Find A Way - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“Very sexy stuff indeed (Light At The End Of The Tunnel -Wily Bo Walker & Kareña K)”

“Wow ! This is a big and diverse album with style elements from traditional big band jazz, blues, cabaret, retro pop styles and more ! Wily Bo Walker & the Danny Flam Big Band sing and play with style, power, grace and virtuosic skill. Awesome recording too ! As the great Duke Ellington said, " there are two kinds of music - good and the other kind " . This is definitely the GREAT kind . Enjoy !”

“A voice to die for”

“The kind of quality we've come to expect from both these artists (Light At The End Of The Tunnel)”

“I really dig this (Love Will Find A Way -Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“Beautiful Song (Light At The End Of The Tunnel - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“I love this...marvellous song (Love Will Find A Way -Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“This next song will have me smiling the rest of the day ( Love Will Find A Way - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)””

“These two could sing the phone book,. I'd play it (Love Will Find A Way - Wily Bo Walker And Kareña K)”

“When Wily Bo is on, I have both earphones on so I don't miss a thing”

“That should be played on mainstream, it gets in your head (Love Will Find A Way -Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“I just can't get this out of my head (Love Will Find A Way - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K”

“I love it, that is brilliant (Love Will Find A Way - Wily Bo Walker & Kareña K)”

“Kooky enough to be ultra cool (Love Will Find A Way -Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“If you're listening while driving don't join in with the clapping, it's infectious (Love Will Find A Way - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“Superb and sublime (Love Will Find A Way - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“Another one I'll be buying! That was phenomenal, bloody excellent in fact. (Love Will Find A Way - Wily Bo Walker & Kareña K)”

“damned brilliant' ' Great Tune, catchy hit !!!! Would love to see this hit the top of the charts' (Love Will Find A Way -Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“'love this song, got the old skool sound going on...nicely done' (Love Will Find A Way, with Kareña K)”

“I absolutely love this (I Want To Know)”

“No two voices ever sounded better together, than Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K on this song (Long Way To Heaven)”

“Can't wait for the album, brilliant (Walk In Chinese Footsteps)”

“Wily Bo Walker et al hit hard on The Openator, followed with a bluesy, late night Wily original, Moon Over Indigo. The depth and ability of the frontman and his band are clear to all. Pure brass-led magic.”

“'If Wily Bo Walker even glances at a CD we will play it'”

“Barnstorming CD, I'm in love with this album (Wily Bo Walker & The Danny Flam Big Band)”

“'This has got legs...we have a freakin' hit right here' (I Want To Know, NY Funk Mix)”

“Nasty ass groove, love it (Walk In Chinese Footsteps)”

“When Wily Bo Walker & Kareña K sing together they have a unique charisma. You just have to listen to the very last drop of the song in your ear”

“That is one sexy, swinging track - (Rendez-vous Des Cheminots)”

“When Walker's voice finally drops into the mix on Rendez-Vous Des Cheminots it hits you like your best girl talking dirty in church. It comes out of nowhere and instantly has your full attention. What more can one ask for? Wily Bo Walker and The Danny Flam Big band is crafted to take you on a journey and it does so brilliantly from beginning to end. This is the perfect album to play when you desperately need to be transported to another place.”

“Danny Flamtastic, that was lush (The Openator)”

“Big, rich, delicious sound of the Big Band Era (re The Openator)”

“When you guys break here you will have an album of hits....Freakin' Epic! (Comment on Walk In Chinese Footsteps)”

“This song kills me (Rendez-vous Des Cheminots)”

“I love the drama of the production this is pure mind cinema racing through a film noir feature. Driven by sonic mojo that rivets your head all the while caressing your heart. Good night sweet heart... taking a draw on cigarette..... walking off out the shine of street lamp into a foggy night.... Angel....”

“This song rocks my pants off (Walk In Chinese Footsteps)”

“'September Red' Review: Wow, does this track causes goosebumps. Haunting harmony, nice bluesy rock feel to it with an amazing solo later on and carried on the shoulders of those great lyrics. Anyone who is a fan of Chris Rea or Mark Lanegan will adore this. Exceptional quality.”

“Tom Waits, eat your heart out (review of Long Way To Heaven)”

“'Good job I ditched my undies, Wily......makes me damp, LOL' (DJ comment on Same Thing)”

“Wonderful bluesy, jazzy stuff that just uplifts your soul' (Review of Rendezvous Des Cheminots)”

“'You guys have the groove tighter than a crabs derriere...and that's waterproof....I like the subtle under tacking' comment on airing of Rendezvous Des Cheminots”

“I do love it...it has that "stripper" thing going”

“'The bass is talkin!' 'Who does your charts? Great arrangements..' 'EPIC FREAKIN' BAND...' Comments re Rendezvous Des Cheminots”

“…I'm sure I will see him on LETTERMAN SOON! I know that's what I told the listeners last night! Unmistakable sound of a great musician and music…”

“'Fantastic Song' (When The Angels Call Your Time)”

“'You can never get enough Wily Bo Walker'”

“'...delicious voice..'”

"…'Jenny' gives me goosebumps…beautiful song and awesome vocals!"

"Wily Bo Walker’s voice is stratospheric. The more I listen to him sing You Don’t Know What Love Is, the more I understand the subtle interplay between melancholy and passion, the yin/yang at the heart of this Jazz Standard."

“'got one of those Joe Cocker voices' 'makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck...love it, love it, love it.... featuring Karena K, beautiful voice also...'”

“(Review of Angels In The Night). Absolutely gorgeous, works so well with both of their voices and the orchestration is absolutely astounding....this track is absolutely wonderful.....” ”

“Review of 'Drive' Wily Bo Walker's gravelly, bourbon-soaked voice impresses on this debut single from forthcoming album 'Moon Over Indigo'. His vocals are bolstered by a punchy, soulful brass courtesy of the New York Horns and Keith Mack's surf rock guitar riffs, forming a sound which makes for a groundbreaking amalgamation of genres. ”

Tom Short - The Musician (Musicians Union Magazine)

“When I first heard it my reaction was wow! It's just such a big sound....very powerful, very strong sound and it's a great song (Drive) ”

"Drive… is eclectic alternative rock and roll with a bit of big band horns and 50’s be bop guitar infused in to it…like something you’d hear in a Quentin Tarentino movie or David Lynch movie like Lost Highway…"

ANRGIRL - Nashville

“Drive goes more into soul R&B music but with a very special touch. I have listened to it 6 or 7 times one after another. Not too many songs get that from me. Wily Bo Walker has a really big thing going on…The sound is amazing.”

El Sotano Radio, Spain

““Dirty, horn-filled boogie perfectly balanced by smoky, husky, whiskeyed vocals. Hot band on a dirty old-school Saturday night…” Florence Lamb Wily Bo Walker from Glasgow UK is ratcheting up the big band blues sound and raising the bar in hard hitting R&B. An instant classic “Drive” the debut track from Wily’s soon to drop CD “Moon Over Indigo” is driving it forward and turning up the heat. With Wily’s classic strong vocals and occasional blues wolf growl leading the way, spiced up with swinging horns and rocking string sections, on top of a solid rock foundation and you have got a great song with a lot of party energy and “Drive” captured within.We dig it and you will to. Giving you a glimpse of what awaits us on Wily’s new CD for the time being we will have to be satisfied with getting this track at iTunes until the whole disc is available. Go Get “Drive” Now! ”

“Just finished listening to debut single 'DRIVE' … it was awesome. It's such a pleasure to listen to great music that comes from the soul. Can't wait for the album.”

Music News, Scotland

“Wily Bo's version of Same Thing is… 'a grinding lap-dance of a track - all sweat and sex…'”