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Will Scott / Press

“Scott is gifted and innovative, a skilful and insightful songwriter with a fantastic voice. Deep and seductive, it adds further emotional resonance to already spine tingling compositions. A commanding performance - I loved him!”

“Best Blues Song nominee at the 11th Annual Independent Music Awards for "Last Rest Stop" on Keystone Crossing. (Winners to be announced).”

"Here we are talking about real roots... runs through country, blues and gospel influences along the southern route like JJ Grey and his band Mofro often take."

“Top 10 Blues albums of 2011 (for Keystone Crossing)”

"Once you've heard Will Scott it's hard to forget him... gutsy blues-tinged voice, distinctive guitar style and soulful songwriting"

The Guardian

"Will Scott's Keystone Crossing continues to stake his claim as America's most soulful country blues artist."

"Brings blues, country, gospel, and Western swing to the table and delivers cohesive, haunting results." (Four Stars for Keystone Crossing)

"Keystone Crossing... shows off Scott's rich, deep, trembling voice in the very best possible light." (9/10 stars)

"It's the voice that gets you. A deep, dark, hurt thing, it compels you to listen, whatever story it's telling."

"One of the best country/blues, rock and Americana albums to come out this year.... Get your hands on this ASAP and play it all the way through again, again, and again." (5 Stars, for Keystone Crossing)

"Readers with a taste for Americana have probably already bought this album, and are enjoying it immensely!" (8/10 for Keystone Crossing)

"Pure heavy duty Americana... a powerhouse vocal performance from Scott. That's the way to do it." (for Keystone Crossing)

“Will Scott is rapidly becoming a name to look out for on the Americana / roots scene, thanks to some memorable songs and a voice as viscous as molasses. Keystone Crossing...should keep him in the spotlight.”

"His songs are cleverly written and penetrating." (for Keystone Crossing, translated)

"It's the slightly twisted, even maverick nature of his original songs that's the most intriguing." (for Keystone Crossing)

"One of the most impressive new acts of his kind to come along in quite some time."

"The rumbling title track alone will set hellhounds on your trail, a vibe he sustains throughout." (4 Stars)

Andy Fyfe - Q Magazine

"[Scott's] latest album Keystone Crossing is a characteristically dark, fearless, completely original mix of both acoustic and electric blues, oldtime country and gospel sounds. It’s the best thing he’s done, and it’s one of the best albums that’s come over the transom here this year."

“2009 Independent Music Awards Finalist, Album of the Year, blues category (for Gnawbone)”

"[Keystone Crossing] highlights his deep bluesy voice, that sounds as if it would be right at home on the ghost riders range. You really notice how special it is when he harmonises some native American style chants"

"One of the best CDs I have heard in years... A perfect voice for Southern style music... We'll gladly lay claim to him here."

"It’s been a while since an artist captivated my attention the way Will Scott has done... a breath of fresh air... so real, so honest."

“Top Ten best selling records of the year, 2009, at Music Matters (Gnawbone)”

"Intensely expressive, the depth of his voice [provides] plenty of shade to songs that drip emotional resonance. Highlights are copious."(Keystone Crossing review)

"Few people manage to make the blues modern. Will Scott is one of them." (Top 50 recommended songs of the month for Gnawbone)

Q Magazine

“Scott has the unique ability to deliver a song vocally with the soul and passion that drives a song home. His vocal presence is astounding.”

"Gnawbone is a true Americana album with all of the early sounds of country, folk, rock and roll, and then there are modern twists to keep you on your toes... Chew on Gnawbone for awhile. It won't go stale."

“Semi-finalist, Blues Category, for Gnawbone”


City Paper, Nashville

"A remarkable artist, who knows good songwriting... Just Class!"

Frank Van Engelen - Blues Magazine, The Netherlands

"Jack's Defeat Creek," will have you dancing in your chair, maybe even jumping up to move around the floor."


"Will Scott, his voice as thick as blood, sometimes accompanies with guitar; his weird liturgies bring out the pathos"

New York Press

"Gnawbone is a beauty... finished to perfection, both instrumental and vocal"

“A timeless, layered voice somewhere between our patron saint, The Swamp Fox, Tony Joe White and the great Gordon Lightfoot after a three day whiskey-bent bender.”

“CDBaby Editor's Pick”

"Musically well put-together... there is no other conclusion than that this man is a genius."

Alt. Country Forum, The Netherlands

"Between his uniquely beautiful voice, talented six-string skills and haunting melodies, Scott shines a ray of light into a dark and dying music industry."

Anchorage Daily News

"Best weekly blues show in New York"

Alan Young (NY Press writer) - Lucid Culture

"Gnawbone seeps with gritty (at times seedy) lyrics, hip-shaking grooves, and plaintive melodies." (review of Gnawbone)

Blues Mandolin and Beyond

"Guitarist Will Scott has a good vibrato and a knack for surprises..."

Blues Revue

"He's a soulful and gifted songwriter with a sound thick as Tupelo honey. This album knocked us out." (review of Gnawbone)

"Scott is a real find, with a very high ceiling... Scott’s fingerpicking was fiery, fast and effortless, and so were his vocals... he’s a whole lot more interesting than Cephas and Wiggins." (Live show review)

Lucid Culture

"Some of the most innovative blues songwriting of the year"

Louisville Music News