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Will McBride Group / Press

““The Will McBride Group is brilliant! Brilliant not just the way they represent “Music Meets lyrical satire” but in his amazing musical personality and playing style as well. Hearing the full length CD this year is on my to do list for sure!” Favorite song is “Mental Health Day” I had this track on repeat mode in the car after a bad day at work – no joke, true story folks!”

““The songs themselves are extremely dynamic and progressive in nature, and the songwriting is extremely creative and clever…Overall 3PLAY by Will McBride Group is an extremely entertaining catalogue of music. It’s strong suit – the amazing amount of originality, creativity and musical diversity this EP has to offer. The production value is thick as a brick and … I especially enjoyed the amazing musicianship…””

““The songs: Simply put - all songs are incredible. There’s nothing like a solid musical production to get wrapped around – and this is one of them…This band has star quality and is a force to be reckoned with musically.””

““…overall the mixes are well balanced, and the production is top shelf. Will McBride gets a strong buy recommendation from me. These guys are much better than the average band, and you will be far from disappointed by this EP.”

“The Will McBride Group did a fine job with their short session. Will McBride himself did an excellent job on lead guitar, and it is obvious this band is very talented. Their originals like “Picture Windows” and “90 Minutes to Nowhere” were really good. The band also performed (another original called) “Tribute” that I thought was impressive. Clearly Will and the band fill a niche in the Triangle with their brand of music. Frankly, their music was a nice departure from what I’ve been hearing lately so it worked like a charm for me.”