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WhoIsExile / Press

“You got MGK beat”

King's Orchestra Entertainment - Reverbnation

“Ur Muzik is the hottest i've heard in a while it has inspired me and my fam to keep at this Muzik”

U.S Mob - Reverbnation.com

“Yo! Real hip hop here! Dope revolutionary truth spitta! My kinda music bro. Big respect from the HI state.”

Navid Najafi - Reverbnation

“im feelin ya skills bruh, hold it down.”

Leah Latrell - Reverbnation

“Now or Never...damn...datz dat heat!”

PK Da Don Lady - Reverbnation

“Exile for life!!!”

CBoo - Reverbnation

“Dude, i've been listening to your album, its fucking amazing! Whoop Whoop!”

Terkwaz - Reverbnation

“I have to say your the best Rapper I've heard yet on Reverbnation..Flow,Execution, and Style!!”

Double-J - Reverbnation

“Exile is a extremely rare talent that has not been heard in years.”

Krank It Up Records

“Awesome work man! Great vocals!”

Johan Paulson - Reverbnation.com

“Today you inspired me, and I only listen to Nas”

GF - Reverbnation

“Hands down the best up and coming artist out right now.”


“Yo I'm feelin ya tracks Exile! Very nice rhyme scheme, and variety of deliveries. Friggin dope kid!!!”

M.Y.T.I. - Reverbnation

“dam homie, im impressed!”

MiZZ KURiOZA - Reverbnation

“I only heard the intro song but gotta chance to hear all tracks and I love it...style is crazy!!”

Miss VEE - reverbnation

“Yeah... rapid style type flow... keep doin it, bruh”

Entity Muzic - Reverbnation

“Sic flow homie, really diggin the style. Keep the heat comin!”

DJ Mercenary - Reverbnation

“Strait Dop3!! Real hip-hop to the fullest”

Cu3 - Reverbnation

“Obscene is a hard track!”

William "ExclucivE" Powell - Reverbnation

“flow an delivery is sick!!!keep doin ya thing!!”

Bonez tha track Rippa - Reverbnation

“Oh yeah, real nice, diggin ya flow, and loving ya joint 'Stand Beside' -- datz hot!”

PK da Don Lady - Reverbnation

“Music is bonfire! Much love, Ohio loyalty!”

Consistancy - Reverbnation.com

“i promise you snappin and you stay real which is hard to find now a days”

Tracktion - Revebnation

“I like the stand beside song. Nice and meaningful. Good stuff!”

Bikey - Reverbnation.com

“Now Or Never" is Hottt!!! Amazing job!! Lots of Love n Support!”

T Magic - Reverbnation.com

“What a flow, dude. Keep it up...”

The Propaganda Company - Reverbnation

“Feeling your music nice work and well done”

Jae S Prez - Reverbnation

“I checked your music out, and I got to say that my ears was very pleased to hear what you done. The beats are nice, i'm definitely feeling that joint "Cover The Moon", that hook on there had a real meaning behind it that I was really feeling.”

NiteRyda - Reverbnation

“Cover The Moon Is A Hot One. Tight Work Playa.”

Carolina Pine Inc. - Reverbnation

“Dope Music! Im diggin the sound. Keep doin ya thing.”

Stavi - Reverbnation

“Im feelin that stand beside track dawg... real talk as a father I can relate!”

PremieR - Reverbnation

“Sure his Italian descent or heavy figure perpetuates a wannabe stereotype that doesn't fit the profile of today's artist but don't question his ability to instantly throw down a rhyme fast and slow time and systematically blow your mind”

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