Whiskey for the Lady / Press

“Link to our live performance for Music at the Mansion!!!http://www.newspressnow.com/multimedia/videos/featured/video_77e8fb8b-0fcc-50d1-b653-31e03e4ef462.html?mode=jqm_com”

“click the link below to check out an article on us in the St Joe Live section of St Joseph News-Press! http://www.newspressnow.com/life/st_joe_live/music/article_8180a5dd-aac7-5b67-ab76-a1b9a1eb3429.html?mode=jqm”

“The singer has a fun, bouncy, charismatic nature when he comes in, and he truly adds to the song. The vocalist is humorous, and uses awesome gang-vocals in the chorus. The violin solo after the chorus is awesome! This song is cool. It is fun, gives me a folk vibe, but the song is laid back and makes me smile. I truly enjoy this song, and think the band is very talented to write such great instrumentals, and such fun and well-used vocals. 9/10!””

Crowd Review of "Courteous Lies"

““this is the ideal song. the music to this has a jovial touch to it, very whimsical and light. a nice blend of instrumentals that are fresh and genuine, a song that blends together in an attractive style. the vocal aspect of this song is very genuine, there voices are attractive, they have range and there singing substance is hearty and sound””

Crowd Review of "Courteous Lies"

"We were at our, like, third band practice or something, and I told Animal, our bass player, I wanted some whiskey. And as he handed it to me, he said 'Whiskey For The Lady.' And now I get free shots everywhere." -- Mallory Edson, violin

Shea Connor - St. Joe Live