Wally West & Them Lostbound Souls / Press

"West and his band just released their first album "Day of the Dead" in September, with the song "Gypsy Son" debuting at No. 1 on the Radio Free Texas Weekly Top 40 chart. West said the title of the album is a play on words. "We wanted to give hope to the common man," he said, "We wanted it to be a rising of people who have been put down."

"Not that it's some revolutionary concept we came up with, but we have honest conviction in the music we play and the words we sing. We don't sing about the things we do because its the cool thing to do, we sing about them because they are the God's honest truth."

"Ook het laatste nummer van de CD Tapestry of Rust geeft een goed beeld van het vakmanschap van deze vijf muzikanten."

"In truth, West has a social conscious. His song "Whipping Boy" was inspired by the courage of the Libyans and Egyptians who stood up to overbearing regimes. He is a young man whose lyrics sometimes retell love's serendipitous moments, and he has a sense of the absurd."

“Wally West and Them Lostbound Souls' blend of Americana rock licks and relatable lyrics have made them a standout in Killeen's expanding local music scene, playing shows across Central Texas. Success for the group is growing — the band has shared the stage with Mark McKinney, Two Tons of Steel, Charlie Robison, Cory Morrow, Micky and The Motorcars, and Little Joe. ”

“One of the night's biggest numbers was a rousing performance of Neil Young's "Keep on Rockin' In The Free World" during Wally West and Them Lostbound Souls' set. Marlin said West was "like a brother" to him. ”

“Wally West, front man for Wally West and Them Lostbound Souls, helped organize and plan Saturday's music event, dubbed The Afghan Jam. "Jake's been a huge supporter for all of us," the singer said. "What better to send him off than with his friends and family, with music he loves. This is the least we could do for him." ”

"Whenever Wally West steps onto a stage, it’s apparent that he’s a man without pretenses. Donning a pearl snap shirt, cowboy hat and boots, the singer/songwriter steps up to the microphone to do what he does best: sing about life."