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Wake Up Paradise / Press

“Check out this awesome four-piece Indie Rock Band from Central New Jersey who is creating a buzz with their special blend of several popular genres into a creative, fun, and kick-ass sound. Meet Wake Up Paradise (WUP) who certainly are living up to their name: WAKE UP. Music fans are waking up to the sound of this band as Wake Up Paradise are gaining followers by the minute. It is this unique signature sound that makes this band stand apart from the average Rock band currently out in the Indie Music Scene. Here is what formulated from our online encounter.”

“It’s rare when all members of the band come together to really put on a show. The 15th of October was one of those rare occasions. I was invited to Sullivan Hall for a CMJ Showcase by New Jersey’s Wake Up Paradise, and having listened to the tracks on their Soundcloud repeatedly, I was excited to watch them in action. Before the gig, I interviewed the band and you’ll be able to catch that online as soon as it is done being edited. It was almost a grave injustice that a band with such a larger than life aura was playing for a relatively short amount of time, at a small venue and for a bit of a lackluster, small crowd to be honest. But the music dazzled and in that sense, more than made up for it. The first track – a new one – opens their set and the band on stage previously is almost instantly a foggy memory. Tim’s vocal fills the room and to my surprise – seeing as Sal’s guitar is so loud – rises, crystal clear, above the band’s playing. The guitar solos are ele”

“Wake Up Paradise is a four-piece rock group from Central New Jersey with something to say, and that something is…WAKE UP! Listen to their debut single, ‘’Hits The Ground’’, and you will get the message loud and clear. Born in the 80’s and raised in the 90’s, these young men have lived through mankind’s most exciting times and has seen this world go through some major milestones and setbacks. Roger Wuy(Drums), Sal Brisindi(Guitar), and Lou Acerra(Basss) have merged their respective instruments together to create a distinct, yet very accessible sound that showcases influences from alternative rock to jazz and hip hop. All of which is topped off and held together with catchy pop/rock melodies delivered by Tim Montalvo’s(Vocals) strong, yet soulful voice. Shaped by their favorite childhood tunes and the desire to help change the world, Wake Up Paradise has created a fun, upbeat, soulfully energetic rock sound that is sure to stick in your head and leave you wanting more. ”

“With an impending e.p. “Love.Faith.Wealth.War” and their single “Hits The Ground” already garnering the band attention, WUP is ready to take on the masses.”

“Listen to the new song from Wake Up Paradise – Hits The Ground”

“Now I am here to introduce you to a band that goes by the name Wake Up Paradise. The four men that make up Wake Up Paradise cohesively come together to make a sound that is the result of mixing together rock and pop with an angelic set of pipes. Okay, do not go thinking that Tim sounds like Mariah Carey. He is more like is Jason Mraz turned it up a notch and ditched the Vh1 crowd. When I listened to Tim’s rapid, yet pleasing delivery in Hits The Ground, Mraz was all I could compare him to in my head. Oh yes, Hits The Ground. That is the name of the only musical bite they Wake Up Paradise is giving up to nibble on when it comes to their Facebook. Are they hard at work on more music? Fans of pop rock better hope so. If you like bands that have a rock base, but are able to make you sway in a way that you might if you were say…watching This Century, then do yourself a favor and check these Jersey boys out. (https://www.facebook.com/WakeUpParadise)”

“The Central New Jersey group Wake Up Paradise combines a feel-good sound with an impassioned message to create this catchy song that is impossible to listen to just once.”

“Wake up Paradise is a Pop/Rock group from New Jersey with a dynamic sound! The band includes Tim, Sal, Roger and Lou! There latest track “Hits the Ground,” is a perfect way to start your day, it tells listeners to live life to the fullest and learn to accept reality. This upbeat, energetic track has a positive message with a great vibe and after one listen the hook is gonna get stuck in your head! Tim is the group’s vocalist and I just can’t get enough of him singing “Your alive,” Check it out and thank me later because your gonna love it! Its real..Its pop…Its rock…Its true! Wake Up and get hip.”