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““REVOLVER Magazine premiered a new Voodoo Terror Tribe track. Much props to them, songs is killer. Look forward to working with these maniacs in the near future. Go like their page!””

Cristian Machado - (Ill Niño)

““Holy shit! This is sick, you guys shocked me on the direction changes you've made, I have to say! :) Rock solid, pretty amazing video, it's all about content! Congrats…””

Billy Graziadei - (BIOHAZARD)

"VOODOO TERROR TRIBE lanzó su Nuevo EP, “A Walk in Hell” a principios de este año. Y, el video en el cual la banda ha estado trabajando arduamente por ya algún tiempo ha sido lanzado. Al final de esta página puede ver el video para la canción “BloodSoaked”.

"Voodoo Terror Tribe วงโปรเกรสซีฟแทรชเมทัลจากรัฐนิวเจอร์ซีย์ สหรัฐอเมริกา ปล่อยอีพีชุดใหม่ล่าสุด A Walk in Hell ออกมาเมื่อปีที่แล้ว และวันนี้ทางวงก็ได้เปิดตัวมิวสิควิดีโอใหม่สุดโหดออกมาให้ชมกันแล้ว ชื่อเพลงว่า “BloodSoaked” ครับ ถ้าพร้อมแล้วก็ไปชมกันที่ท้ายข่าวได้เลย คิดเห็นยังไงคอมเมนต์บอกกันได้เช่นเคยครับ"

"Voodoo Terror Tribe to amerykańska formacja grająca progresywny thrash metal. W sieci zespół opublikował teledysk do utworu BloodSoaked z EPki A Walk in Hell, która miała premierę w 2013 roku."

"U svom novom spotu Voodoo Terror Tribe odbacuje svoje East Coast elemente i vodi nas u mračnu stranu Ohaja. Njihova najbrža i namračnija numera do sada, pomiješana sa umjetnošću i horror misticizmom."

"Штатовская метал банда Voodoo Terror Tribe, предлагают на наш чёткий суд клип на песню «BloodSoaked», с последней ипишки под названием "A Walk in Hell", которая увидела свет 12 ноября 2013 года…"

"VOODOO TERROR TRIBE’s new music video for the song ‘BloodSoaked’ presents deliberate darkness and intensity..."

"Voodoo Terror Tribe released their latest EP A Walk in Hell earlier this year. Now, the video that the band has been working painstakingly on for some time has finally premiered."

"New Jersey metal band Voodoo Terror Tribe have premiered their new video for the track ‘BloodSoaked’ which is chock full of art and horror-flick-mysticism you might dig."

"VOODOO TERROR TRIBE Premier "BloodSoaked" Music Video!"

"Voodoo Terror Tribe released their EP, ‘A Walk in Hell,’ last year. Today, the band has teamed up with Revolver to premiere their new NSFW music video for “BloodSoaked.”

"100 out of 100 Stars! FANS OF Paradise Lost, Killing Joke, In Flames, Heart Work-era Carcass FANS, WASP, Black Album-era Metallica, Pantera, Mudvayne, Tool, Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper, Rammstein, Motörhead, Marilyn Manson, actually it does not matter who your favorite band is because Voodoo Terror Tribe is highly recommend for all serious HARD rock and roll fans and serious fans of heavy metal / rock and roll hybrid acts. Voodoo Terror Tribe has pretty awesome guitar tones."

"May I present you another awesome piece of music. Wow this powerful music already made my speakers go "boom". THIS IS IT! Metal straight into the face. All in all an outstanding EP. This band needs to get heard and needs to be on the road as much as possible..."

"For the past few days, I’ve been listening to the new Voodoo Terror Tribe EP, A Walk In Hell, and I have to say that I loved being able to watch these guys grow as musicians and songwriters. A band that is demanding to be taken seriously! Voodoo Terror Tribe might be here to make a serious statement..."

"A Walk In Hell' whips up a storm and is a great listen! Voodoo Terror Tribe are yet another band who have put a smile on my face in 2013 and I'll look forward to a new full length if that is their next move. I'm also going to have to go and check out their back catalogue as well!"

"Ever since reviewing the first VOODOO TERROR TRIBE demo “Mandala” back in 2005 I became an instant fan but through the years and vocal changes VTT has really exceled with power. Their latest E.P., “A Walk In Hell”, with five new tracks (one includes a rendition of Billy Idols “Rebel Yell”) is sure to make the grade..."

"These guys are quite entertaining and cool, and their sound is pretty original. I’d love to hear more from this outfit..."

"Voodoo Terror Tribe RAWKS on RockUnderground.TV..."

"Voodoo Terror Tribe has tailored their heavy sound to fit modern rock radio, including in songs like "Masquerade" all the necessary elements: a pounding beat and soaring melodies, a memorable chorus and vocals that barely contain the rage apparently at hand..."

"Voodoo Terror Tribe, ‘Twenty12′ Videos: Jersey Metal Crew Ponders Armageddon..."

"With this EP VTT, has taken a different approach to their style and sound than what many VTT fans may be used to. This approach however has truly broadened VTT's sound and appeal to a larger audience..."

"Definitely an interesting release from Voodoo Terror Tribe, the Stands to Reason-EP should appeal to fans of modern metal, who do not mind modern power-thrash with an industrial touch and loads of melody..."

“They mix forceful modern metal beatdowns and harsh vocals with a more melodic sensibility when it comes to riffs and hooks...Fans of Five Finger Death Punch Drowning Pool might find something worth investigating here...”

“I think they deserve props for not just impressing Biohazard's Billy Graziadei, but for funding their own trek, their own music video, and getting through 3 well done albums. I really believe that you should invest time in their site (www.vttrocks.com) to develop your own opinion. Anyways, good job VTT, I look forward to seeing where this new album takes you...!”

“I like when bands surprise me. VTT plays a really nice sort of rock and modern sort of metal. It´s an odd band without playing odd music that I really like. I think it would be unfair if they wouldn't be a big band in the world.”

“I was blown away! They sound like a polished metal band. These guys are definitely working like they have something to prove...”

“...I was presently surprised with VOODOO TERROR TRIBE. I like them! They bring the full package with head banging, harsh and melodic vocals enhanced by some kick ass guitar licks...”

“...This band has produced a solid disc here full of good tunes. They do it extremely well. That makes it stand up nicely... ”

“It's clear that, they have plenty of talent and can compose an addictive album that has enough of a bite to attract fans of harder, edgier rock, as well as metal, but still have a somewhat lighter, radio ready feel to it at times. The band manages to blend a good number of styles together and present us with a recording that shows they deserve the spotlight, both in the studio, as well as on the stage...”

“Voodoo Terror Tribe is definitely on the right path on Symptoms of Sin with their harder edge melodic modern rock. A bit more focus and development adds promise to their future endeavors. Check them out...”

“...Developing a style where Nu metal immediacy collides with metalcore’s rhythmic chug yet doesn’t forget to consult the vintage blueprint from where both were spawned, VTT’s gritty sensibilities and memorable hooks hit hard and are bound to leave an impression on anyone with an ear for the sound of today’s aggression.”

“I dig what these guys are doing and I give them props for what I believe is overall a successful attempt. "Symptoms of Sin" is a decent effort and an album that I think will garner the band a bit of attention in the metal world...”

“...Being in a working hard rock band without the muscle of a label behind you is a grind, and few people know that better than VTT...”

“VTT is rest assured that there isn’t anything that these rock n’rollers cannot do. Just give them the time and chance to sock it to you...”

“New Jersey act VTT unleash that heavy metal we all love and grew up to know so well. With loads of heavy distortion, melodic heavy metal, and some acoustic breaks making up the majority, VTT is a heavy hitter and one to be reckoned with. Fans of loud heavy metal need to check out VTT now...”

“New Jersey’s VTT has announced the recent release of the band’s third full-length record, Symptoms Of Sin, an eight-track effort of driven alt-metal produced by friend Billy Graziadei (BIOHAZARD, SUICIDE CITY) at Underground Sound Studio.”


“…So if you like metal that is unique, with great melodies, kick ass tight, sharp, ripping subterranean riffs, high pitched guitar licks, marching-off-to-war styled percussion, insane drums, powerful and solid melodic vocals darkened by brutal screams, bass attacks then you need to give this band a listen. You will not be disappointed…”

“Killer, how can anyone not love this? - 85%...This is the first I've heard from Voodoo Terror Tribe, and damn is it awesome! This is exactly the kind of metal that I love, and the very reason I got into metal all those years ago was to discover bands like this...”

“New Jersey's VOODOO TERROR TRIBE pulls out all the stops for the heavy music listener with a vicious musical display from an explosive progressive thrash metal band that ranges from sounding like old school Biohazard to the rocking "more commercial" sounds of Sevendust, most importantly demonstrating that they can write some tried-and-true heavy metal arrangements that still have radio appeal...”

“...To a man VTT show their commitment and skill in their individual areas and this all comes through in a set of proper songs that have powerful riffs and hook laden choruses. The drums pound and drive where they need to, vocals are clear and powerful, guitar and bass provide weight and texture as appropriate and the whole lot is arranged in such a way to give the songs the required amount of dynamic interest...”