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von Grey / Press

"Artists You Should Know: von Grey...made up of four sisters, their intense family connection allows them to create stunning harmonies and create beautiful songs."

Keltie Colleen - TheInsider.com

"bright, well-spoken, mature beyond their years -- and also crazy-talented."

Melissa Ruggieri - Atlanta Journal Constitution

"...von Grey better have more releases soon, because their material is amazing as it is, but live, the girls' melodies and instrumentals have the quality of a plains thunderstorm, loud and all-consuming."

Caitlin Malcuit - TheBackstageBeat.com

"In the hyper media-filled mass-produced music world where flashy clips of content dominate airwaves, von Grey is an anomaly. A quartet of sisters ranging in age from 12 to 17, who prefer classical instruments like cellos, mandolins, violins, yet add their unique style with a twang of the banjo just to keep it interesting, von Grey is a welcome breath of fresh air."

Matthew Bernstein - Oregonmusicnews.com

"Successfully blending Americana, country, pop, bluegrass and classical music, they are quickly establishing themselves as one of music's most unique acts...poised for pop music stardom."

Rob Nagy - Pottstown Mercury

"The von Grey sisters collectively exhibit a provocative and enchanting sound that gravitates toward the styles of The Civil Wars and Bon Iver. You can sense depth and an abiding awareness of raw emotions in both the lyrical content and musical phrases produced by the group."

Caleb Hsu - BerkleeGroove.com

"The song, Coming for You, is full of delicious harmonies and warm-folk pop reminischent of The Civil Wars and Taylor Swift."

Keltie Colleen - TheInsider.com

"The talented four-piece act...deftly play a dazzling array of acoustic instruments from guitar to fiddle to mandolin to banjo to lap steel, and have a stage presence of a band that has been gigging for years - thanks in part to the fact that they all started playing music beginning at the tender age of five-years old...their [self-titled EP] provides a snap shot of what these young ladies can do - showcasing their harmony-laden, radio-friendly wise-beyond-their-years sound."

Jeffrey Greenblatt - Glide Magazine

"They take our breath away...[von Grey is] knee-deep in the concept and context of what it means to be torn apart by love."

Sean Moeller - Daytrotter.com

"One listen to von Grey's first single, 'Coming for You,' explains the buzz. Crystalline harmonies, stirring lyrics and inventive melodies are the calling cards of [the] siblings..."

Gail Mitchell - Billboard

"Atlanta alt-folk band von Grey is made up of four real-life sisters. Think of them like Mumford & Daughters."

teamcoco.com ("Conan" website)

"von Grey, an alternative band of four sisters from Atlanta, GA...were pretty much the coolest teenagers ever. They each played several instruments, including the cello, violin, mandolin, banjo, guitar, keyboards and an even a strange electronic drum...They were also amazing to watch. It felt like we were watching them rocking out at their house.

Shelby Gee - Cavalier Daily, Charlottesville

"The heart of von Grey lies in dual lead singers Fiona and Annika. Their voices soar, twist and harmonize perfectly, reminiscent of another sister group -- Tegan and Sara. Each member of the band plays multiple instruments, allowing for broader arrangements in the songs. Kathryn's cello playing shines powerfully through the music, while youngest sister Petra admirably handles the keys."

Corey Irwin - Music Connection Magazine, Live Review

"von Grey...was nothing short of stunning..."

Melissa Ruggieri - Atlanta Music Scene, Atlanta Journal Constitution

"besides musical talent, a band needs one other key ingredient to give a great performance: chemistry...the members of von Grey have that in spades"

Brandee A. Thomas - The Gainesville Times

"von Grey is poised to make a splash in the pop scene...intelligently crafted [songs]...with authentic folk strains and a new way of mixing the stylistic spices. Textures include refreshing sounds of lap steel, mandolin, cello, violin, banjo and an old, timeless sound: sweet, spirited and clean vocal harmonies."

Josef Woodard - Santa Barbara News Press

"Artist to Watch: indie-alt-folk sister quartet von Grey, featuring Kathryn, Annika, Fiona and Petra von Grey...bring incredible musicianship and intricate harmonies to their [self-titled] EP, produced by Grammy winner Nick DiDia"


"harmony-laced indie folk/pop in the vein of artists such as Mumford & Sons and Sarah McLachlan"

Casey Phillips - Chattanooga Times Free Press

"The song, Coming for You, is full of delicious harmonies and a warm-folk pop reminiscent of The Civil Wars and Taylor Swift."

Keltie Colleen - TheInsider.com

"When you song is the most added to Triple A Radio, behind Mumford & Sons' latest single, you know you're doing something right. That's the case for von Grey and "Coming for You," the debut single from the classically trained indie-folk band's self-titled EP"

Evan Schlansky - American Songwriter.com

"the most talented young group of girls in Atlanta music...musically seasoned with a sound that showed off their classically-trained execution and mature songwriting."

Starletta Watson - The Examiner

"see them now, because a few years down the road, you might have to pay big bucks for nosebleed seats in an arena to catch these talented musicians."

Shane Harrison - Atlanta Journal Constitution

"Folksy, bluesy, soulful, organic, ethereal...demonstrating a mastery of multiple instruments and a broad, mature musical palette...their distinctive sound surprises and delights...they represent a new, contemporary breed of intelligent singer-songwriters...these vibrant virtuosos are at the forefront of creating an eclectic amalgam of country, pop, and rock music"

Amber Lanier Nagle - Points North Magazine

"... his [Ed Roland of Collective Soul] first guests of the night threatened to overshadow his veteran status through their sheer excellence. The sister act von Grey...was nothing short of stunning...exhibiting poise stratospheres beyond their years"

Melissa Ruggieri - Atlanta Music Scene, Atlanta Journal Constitution

"there were a couple of standouts - I should say breakout - performances. This group of four sisters age 16-10 called VON GREY started the show. This was no novelty act, they were AMAZING. Watch out for them...they're going to be HUGE. And I can say I saw them when..."

Mitchell Anderson - MetroFresh Atlanta

"When a family stands on stage and sings together they can create musical history...the von Grey sisters won't be any different..with soulful melodies and lyrics...with no stage fright, the four stood on stage [at Chastain Amphitheatre opening for Sarah McLachlan] and belted out their sound...we think history might have been made."

Stephanie Davis - Skirt! magazine

"To grasp the talent of these girls, look at the list of instruments they play...whenever they write songs, they figure out what instrumentation they want in it and if they haven't played it, they learn it..."

Jonathan Copsey - Forsyth Herald

"musical talents with rich, harmonious vocals and energetic performances...The young, singer-songwriter quartet wowed the crowd"

Tracy Brown - Atlanta Music Scene

"millions of people have kissed the Blarney Stone in Ireland, hoping that some of the famed Irish luck will rub off on them...if this is true, Atlanta's own von Grey must stuff their pockets with four leaf clovers..."

Eileen Tilson - Atlanta Music Guide

"an Atlanta indie band has snagged a coveted spot to perform the opening set for Sarah McLachlan...von Grey has impressed audiences with many live performances...the band has been performing at clubs and venues that Petra, 10, won't legally be allowed to enter for more than a decade."

Sara Christine - ClickAtlanta.com

"the four sisters are far from average and hype is not what they shoot for...John Briglevich (producer) describes the von Grey girls as 'craftsmen, well beyond their years in writing...their focus and humbleness is rare...they have all the tools to make it happen on a big scale...'"

Adrianne Murchison - Atlanta Journal Constitution