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Viva Montesa / Press

“Viva Montesa is the best rock n roll duo in the city.”

“You don’t listen to Everyone’s Got Something to Say to speak to your bleeding heart. You listen because it reminds you of the good ol’ days of growing up in small towns with friends. You find yourself possessed by the dancing spirit of rock and roll through the ages.”

“The Schwick Brothers, Gary and Ted, have created a sound that is both contemporary and classic, vibrant and vintage, prime and primitive. But mostly it is just awesome. Really, really awesome.”

“With their first full-length studio effort, the major concern was whether Viva Montesa could capture the Sturm und Drang of their live shows. Thankfully, the only thing missing from the experience is a shot of Jack.”

“There are obvious comparisons to be drawn with their sound but I'll leave that for someone else. I've seen few local acts in my day that kept me engaged from the top of their set to the bottom.”

“Desde Des Moines, un dúo de rock huevero y semigrasiento. Para muestra, 6 temas de estos hermanso del rocanrol.”

“Dirty, garage rock riffs and big drum sounds help this duo fill a surprising amount of musical space as it delivers six original songs that recall the days of classic rock bands, but likely will appeal to younger fans who have grown up listening to The Black Keys.”