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Vinyl High / Press

“Next up is Vinyl High and these guys really get the party started. With a mix of electric and acoustic guitars, from the first beat it feels as though we have been transported from Oxford Road’s Kro Bar and ended up in the middle of a whiskey joint brawl in the darkest corner of the Mississippi Delta. The songs are bluesy, swingin’ and very sexy. Vocalists/guitarists Tom Lee and Kain Panter have brilliant onstage chemistry, their voices complementing each other effortlessly to add a Manc/indie quality to the dirty Deep South swagger that accompanies them. The banter with the audience is first rate. It’s clear they are playing in front of friends, but there are no cringe worthy jokes and they blend a professional live attitude with good humour quite remarkably. Towards the end of the set a lively cover of Twist and Shout gets the room to its feet and it is here, upon playing such a well loved classic, that the men on stage prove they’ve got the chops to make a room take notice. ”

J.Knowles. A.Serofinowicz - Cherry Valentine Kro Bar Gig Review

“I was absolutely "Rocked and rolled" with VINYL HIGH. Their music was filled with massive passions and emotional drives! The guitars and the bands overall total musicianship was just fantastic and had me almost out of my seat grooving to this and then so wildly fitted with the vocals by Tom Lee, this then took it to the overall talent and music points for me in making it FORKSTER'S best unsigned discovery of this week! FORKSTER is going "Absolutely joyfully bonkers" for VINYL HIGH! Do all yourselves a music favour and listen to these rocking cats!”

“@NADIAABABY @YoungCharlton @VinylHigh sound like arctic monkeys being raped by the stone roses, amazing! Hahaha''”

“amazing night :) xxxxxxxx at Dry Live xxxxxxx deffo going again :) xxx live music was awesome especially from these guys Vinyl High xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”