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Venus de Vilo / Press

"... The Voice Of Horror..."

"Venus De Vilo is an artist that grabbed my attention. Venus is a rare bread, it’s not often that you find music that combines horror and comedy and can easily fits into genres such as goth rock, metal, acoustic rock and punk rock, but her music does just that."

"...a musical experience to die for!"

"Ms. De Vilo is a wonderful vocalist. Her style is reminiscent of Grace Slick and with vocal range to match. She is a bold vocalist and the quality of her singing is first rate. I keep coming back to the voice of Grace Slick when she sings White Rabbit. She's that good of a singer!"

"... hearing is the only way to know for yourself if something is up your proverbial street..."

"...Venus de Vilo, someone who practically embodies the very essence of horror in her music, videos and artistic work..."

“http://undergroundhorrorradio.bandcamp.com/album/venus-devilo-american-radio-interview-uhr Venus DeVilo's first ever American radio interview with Underground Horror Radio.”

“http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/624674?__r=167551 GORGEOUS FREAKS ISSUE #20 "FREAKS" ISSUE. PAGES 50-51 , VENUS DeVILO MUSIC FEATURE.”

“Venus DeVilo guest feature. https://www.facebook.com/DarkParlourMag?directed_target_id=0 http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/611096”

"Venus DeVilo is an artist who will scare as many as she seduces but one who will only ever leave a lingering mark in her shadow and if it is anything like the Edgar Allan Ho EP, this dank earth will be a better place." -

“New inteview with Venus DeVilo: Pages 22 + 23: http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/555531 https://www.facebook.com/TheElegantSavages”

“Heralding from Dublin goth rocker closely resembles the love child of Marilyn Manson and Amanda Palmer via some heavy bluesy and even psychobilly roots. Like her ‘parents’ the performance isn’t just in the music, it is her. And I have to say, I love it! Her voice drips with sensual deliciousness as she croons her disturbing lyrics. I really like this style, pretty and feminine but dark and vicious, it’s very me. But it might not be everyone’s cup of blood. These aren’t complicated, technical songs but they are creepy, catchy and cool. This isn’t the sound of 2013 but if like ‘Zombina and the Skeletones’ or ‘Horror Pops’ you’ll definitely love Venus. If you like ‘Evanescence’ or even ’Paramore’ then you’ll enjoy this voice and style. It’s not raw and edgy punk or balls out rock, it’s more like having a tea party with your dolls…if your dolls have switchblades. By: Becky Beynon-Lewis”

“http://chunk.ie/article/7697/entertainment/venus-devilo-scares-us/ Link to Venus DeVilo interview on Chunk,ie”

“Being the only horror-themed rock act in town that I can think of, if anything Venus DeVilo will keep you in the festive mood this Halloween with her latest EP, the cleverly named “Edgar Allan Ho”. In terms of the music, there’s some impressive stuff going on. Venus boasts a nice vocal range and the ghoulish backing vocals do hit some nice harmonies..... you can’t help but admire an act that successfully commits to a theme and nails it.”

“QUESTION 4: "VENUS DEVILO"- DISCUSS: Venus DeVilo: Songs From The Stalker's Point Of View: the website title says it all really: scary songs from a vile beauty- but just how serious is she?! I started the page in March 2012 as a rallying point for like minded necROMANTIC students of the dark hearts with me as the lowest common denominator. But as long as the world has: Poe, Lovecraft, Otsuichi, feather boas, fake blood, True Blood, Lestatilicious Dracula spin offs, Tesco wine, the humour of South Park and Family guy, Asian horror with giggling school girls, Emily the strange, Heartagrams, Roman Dirge, Lie ins on a Monday, Tuesady, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, HArry Potter, Marshmallows & marmalade, guys the look like Legolas, pseudo classy burlesque clubs, sleazy ass metal pubs, hearts to break and be broken and twilght to publicly slag off [but secretly love!]- I will keep writing about all these and maybe one day immortality will be mine!”