Webster Hall

New York, NY


125 E 11th St, New York, NY, US
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(212) 353-1600

Age Limit: 16

Bio: Webster Hall is North America's premiere nightclub and live music entertainment venue. Located in New York City's famous East Village, it can easily be said that Webster Hall was the first modern nightclub and event space of it's kind in America. This 40,000 square foot architectural landmark first opened it's doors in 1886 and has been a gathering place for the people of New York City and the World for 137 years. Today, Webster Hall stands firmly as NYC's largest and longest running nightclub and entertainment venue. With 5 or more unique environments throughout the building and a 1,500 capacity theatre space on the second floor, Webster Hall regularly hosts performances by the biggest artists in the world as well as the greatest parties on earth. Artists such as Ray Charles, Paul Simon, Green Day, The Killers, Prince, Nine Inch Nails, Micheal Bublé and Mick Jagger are among the notables that have graced Webster Hall's internationally recognized stage in recent years. Additionally, Webster Hall hosts the official NYC Halloween Parade Afterparty and New Years Eve Ball annually - spectacles of celebration that must be experienced to fully understand. For 20 straight years, Webster Hall has operated as the number one danceclub in New York City. Open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, over half a Million guests will revel and dance together on it's famous dancefloors this year. The Grand Ballroom is regularly home to performances by the top DJs on Earth - MSTRKRFT, Justice, Deadmau5 and Tiesto are just a few of the names that have electrified audiences and shook Webster Hall to it's foundation on a club night. Each of Webster Hall's five unique environments feature a different style of music. Saturday nights, Webster Hall transforms into the World-famous CIRCUS party, with stilt-walkers, trapeze artists, tarot readers, fire breathers, snake ladies, go go dancers and other spectacles sprinkled throughout. With an entire street practically dedicated to Webster Hall traffic, it's easy to spot the gateway to the ultimate dance party in NYC. Among it's many credentials, Webster Hall was named Nightclub & Bar Magazine's BEST CLUB of 2011. Webster Hall's magnitude and longevity are unmatched worldwide - garnering it's reputation as "The Greatest Nightclub on Earth". In the 1910's, Eugene O'Neil - the great American playwright and leftist political thinker - declared Webster Hall "The crown of the East Village" In 2004, Prince declared Webster Hall "the best stage in NYC". Explore the venue that for over 120 years has been a focal point of cultural celebration and freedom in the heart of the world's greatest stage - New York City.

Show Schedule

  • Friday, April 18 @ 7:30 PM

  • Saturday, April 19 @ 6:30 PM

    • Image for Seafaire
    • Image for Hudson Hank
      Hudson Hank HEADLINER
    • Image for Snowflake
    • Image for Seafair
    • Image for Quincy Mumford and the Reason Why
      Quincy Mumford and the Reason Why
    • Image for Gillian
  • Monday, April 21 @ 7:00 PM

  • Wednesday, April 23 @ 7:30 PM

    • Image for Chris Forsyth and the Solar Motel Band
      Chris Forsyth and the Solar Motel Band HEADLINER
    • Image for D. Charles Speer & The Helix
      D. Charles Speer & The Helix
    • Image for Escape By Ostrich
      Escape By Ostrich
    • Image for Garcia Peoples
      Garcia Peoples
    • Image for Cory Gunz
      Bronx, NY
      Hip Hop
    • Image for Bronx Beast
      Bronx Beast
    • Image for X-Phaze
      Mendham, NJ
      Hip Hop
    • Image for Kid Leo
      Kid Leo
  • Thursday, April 24 @ 8:00 PM

    • Image for Kool A.D.
      Kool A.D. HEADLINER
    • Image for Rebelmatic
      Ridgewood, NY
      Alternative / Punk Rock / Hip Hop
    • Image for Prop Anon
      Prop Anon
    • Image for Sarcasmo
    • Image for Sunny Gang
      Newark, NJ
      Punk / Rap / Alternative
    • Image for Ricky Powell
      Ricky Powell
  • Friday, April 25 @ 7:30 PM

    • Image for EPROM
      San Francisco, CA
      Electronica / Psyphy / Neurocrunk
    • Image for Saint Pepsi
      Saint Pepsi
    • Image for fjtrspa
    • Image for Prelow
  • Saturday, April 26 @ 7:30 PM

    • Image for Moosh & Twist
      Moosh & Twist HEADLINER
    • Image for Jared Evan
      Jared Evan
  • Monday, April 28 @ 8:00 PM

    • Image for Alden Penner (of The Unicorns)
      Alden Penner (of The Unicorns) HEADLINER
    • Image for Pours (ex-members of Man Man, Santigold)
      Pours (ex-members of Man Man, Santi...
    • Image for Cloud Becomes Your Hand
      Cloud Becomes Your Hand
    • Image for Nick Millevoi solo (Many Arms, Deveykus / Tzadik Records)
      Nick Millevoi solo (Many Arms, Deve...
  • Wednesday, April 30 @ 8:00 PM

    • Image for TBA
    • Image for PUSH 4171
    • Image for Daniel Landers
      Englewood, NJ
      Pop / Rock
    • Image for Tei Shi
      Tei Shi
    • Image for Rush Midnight
      Rush Midnight
    • Image for Yellerkin
  • Thursday, May 1 @ 7:00 PM

    • Image for Noah Chenfeld
      Noah Chenfeld HEADLINER
    • Image for The Box Story
      The Box Story