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Shiley Acres

Inwood, WV


1446 Nadenbousch Ln, Inwood, WV, US
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Capacity: 6000

Bio: Shiley Acres is an outdoor concert facility that has been has been hosting great rock and roll concerts since the 1970’s. Though, the Shiley Acres of today is a bit different than the site so beloved decades before, this concert area is once again up and running to host a new generation of great concerts. The Shiley Acres of days gone by had only one rule, you couldn’t bring in any glass. The facility operated very loosely with that single rule. Bring your own beer was the popular method for enjoying the evening and for an unforgettable evening of music, partying and fun. Today, Shiley Acres is operating a little bit differently to keep up with modern times. Though you’ll still find a rocking good time at this outdoor concert venue, you’ll have to play by a few new rules. Unfortunately, today you can no longer bring your own beer, coolers, food and other beverages into the show. There’s no need to worry about a ruined night, though. There is ample beer and food available inside the gates at Shiley Acres. Come prepared with some extra cash and you’ll have plenty to quench your thirst and keep your stomach full while you party the night away. You can still bring in your own blankets and chairs to set up a comfortable spot. All ticket sales for Shiley Acres shows are final. You can purchase your tickets online or by phone.

Status: 5 Days until Sevendust ! Also appearing 10 Years, Crobot, Super bob, Defending Cain, Twenty12 Tribe, Madrone &... http://t.co/cpFcoTV8GA

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