Mocha Maya's

Shelburne Falls, MA


47 Bridge St, Shelburne Falls, MA, US
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(413) 625-6292

Capacity: 50

Bio: Mocha Maya's is not exactly a coffee house and is not exactly a bar and is not exactly a music venue... and yet it is all of those things and more. While it may sound like we don't know what we are, we do in fact, we just aren't sure if there is a name that encompasses all of it. And while all aspects are not fully realized, we are working on it! We serve only the finest certified Organic Fair Trade, shade grown, heirloom coffee's. They're certified Kosher as well! We also serve Organic Fair Trade Teas, Italian sipping chocolate, 100% Fruit smoothies, homemade style baked goods and our famous Frozen Hot Chocolate! We also feature Craft/Micro brewed beers that are always fresh as we only serve from 1/6 kegs at this time so we are always rotating new kegs in. OUr lines are cleaned regularly and frequently so you are assured fresh beer always and new choices frequently! Sto by and see what is on tap today! We have an excellent boutique style wine list with most of our wines being rated 90 or above by the most reputable sources and we are slowly adding mixed alcoholic drinks to our menu as well. We are also introducing panini sandwiches, fresh salads and soups. We have a music scene going here that we are very proud of, featuring some of the best talent from around the world, and have been told by many of our most talented touring musicians that we are among the top 5 listening rooms in the country, which we are truly humbled by. The shows at Mocha Maya's reflect the upscale nature of the place, providing intimate shows with very high caliber musicians of all genres making the shows "exclusive, unique events" that set them apart from most music venues. Our Collected Poets Series featuring one established poet along with one up and coming poet on the first Thursday of every month is also drawing a lot of acclaim. At the risk of tooting our own horn once again, we have been told by a U.S. Poet Laureate that she believed we had the best poetry series on the east coast! We also feature Literary Readings, Plays, Art Exhibits, Book Signings and educational classes on a number of different topics during off hours. We have an 84" projection screen system that we show movies on, sporting events and multi-media all through our THX certified Surround Sound sound system. We are available for private business presentations, guest lecturers, and private parties.

Status: Update: All artists interested in booking a gig please contact us here: events@mochamayas.com We also suggest you read the information for musicians on our official site: www.mochamayas.com Just click

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