Louie G's

Tacoma, WA


5219 Pacific Hwy E, Tacoma, WA, US
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Capacity: 550

Bio: The Rockstar of Pizza, Louie G has opened his restaurant into an all ages venue. Louie G himself played bass, from 9 years old, to 25 years old. Since then, he has been spending 15 hours a day feeding the people and re opening into a bigger space to have live music, real fun and some KICK ASS PIZZA. " Welcome to my Dream, You're all in it" - Louie G Louie G's Provides. Sound by Chris Pederson. Hes the Man. Booking by. Mental Itch Productions And free food for the Talent. So far. 22 Par 64 Led Lights, Fog Machines, and a stage you can move on.

Status: tonight.. Metal Cares. And raise some food for the hungry. Starts at 6pm http://t.co/kJTDG9DAdp

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