Evolution Records

Lakeland, FL


119 S Kentucky Ave, Lakeland, FL, US
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Capacity: 99

Bio: Evolution Records is the ONLY independent recordstore in Lakeland, Florida. We sell mostly vinyl records, some local CD's, music related art and T-shirts. We also have a nice venue with a professional sound system and adequate lighting. We host music every night of the week. Our upcoming shows are listed at www.EvoShows.info

Status: Epic set of shows this weekend at Evolution Records: http://t.co/A7D28PH6g4 http://t.co/fFlHTK1art

Show Schedule

  • Friday, April 25 @ 6:30 PM

    • Image for RedStryke
      Lakeland, FL
      Hip Hop / Pop
    • Image for Evolution Hip Hop Showcase
      Evolution Hip Hop Showcase
    • Image for Bo Young
      Auburndale, FL
      Hip Hop / independent / Hardcore Rap
    • Image for Mayed
      Lakeland, FL
      Hip Hop / Rap / Instrumentals
    • Image for Mr.813
      Tampa, Fl
    • Image for Pryde!
      Lakeland, FL
      Hip Hop
    • Image for figment theEmCee
      figment theEmCee
    • Image for Mooch Brown
      Lakeland, FL
      Hip Hop / Rap
    • Image for Beastabrooks
      Lakeland, FL
      Hip Hop / Rap / Independant
    • Image for Buffalo Joe
      Buffalo Joe
      Buffalo, NY
    • Image for Juanito Alimaña
      Auburndale, FL
      Hip Hop / Lyrical / Old School
    • Image for Hense Williams
      Hense Williams
    • Image for Antavio T.O. Johnson
      Lakeland, FL
      Rap / Alternative / Hip-Hop
    • Image for Austin St. Jean
      Austin St. Jean
    • Image for BlackGround
      Lakeland, FL
      Hip Hop / Rap / Artist
  • Saturday, April 26 @ 6:00 PM

    You must be 18+ or w/ adult to attend

    • Image for Evo Celebration
      Evo Celebration HEADLINER
    • Image for oxford noland
      oxford noland
      Tampa Florida
    • Image for Trials - The Band
      Trials - The Band
      Lakeland, FL
    • Image for The Detectives
      Lakeland, FL
      Reggae / Ska / Beach Rock
    • Image for LeapFrog - the band
      LeapFrog - the band
      Lakeland Florida
    • Image for Henrietta
      Orlando, FL
      Rock / Indie Rock / Experimental
    • Image for Pilgrimage
      Lakeland, Florida
    • Image for TUG
      Lakeland, FL
      Metal / Stoner Metal / Swamp Doom
    • Image for Unkempt
      Lakeland, FL