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Velveteen Playboys / Press

"Strolling along the edge of rock's great wasteland, the Velveteen Playboys turn their backs, throw a match into the oily mess and walk away-six sillouettes through the flames-towards a much cooler and less crowded place."

Carter Alan - Station Director, WZLX-FM Boston

"When I went to see the Velveteen Playboys, I didn't know what to expect. I knew they were an all-star team of rock pros, but they surprised me with their eternally youthful spirit. Rock 'n' roll never forgets, as Bob Seger sang, and you shouldn't forget about this band. They know how to set a party mood, but most of all they know how to play.''

Steve Morse - Boston Globe/Billboard/Rolling Stone

"The tone was established early Friday night at Madison Square Garden when the Velveteen Playboys, a shimmying, sharply dressed rock band, took the stage to jam their way through a multi-song set."

Andrew Keh - The New York Times

"The audience's response to the band's music was clear early on as the crowd filled the large dance floor and bopped enthusiastically to the beat despite the fact that none had previously heard any of the tunes. From the opening number "The Way You Do" to the uplifting "Big Rock Wall," the band's music is filled with energy and danceable grooves. Paul Souza, made a strong bid to challenge legendary frontmen David Lee Roth and Steven Tyler in the charisma department, dancing and gyrating about the stage. The Velveteen Playboys seem to have the muscle to back up their considerable musical audacity."

Rock Foster - The Sun Chronicle

"This is the best thing to come out of Boston since J. Geils and Aerosmith!"

Warren Scott - Boston Eventworks