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Vanessa Cardui / Press

“There is a power to her vocals, but it remains reserved and, for lack of a better word, polite, for the most part. It never loses it's edge, a strong and demanding presence that patiently weaves tales of love in all of it's mystic, lustful, and beautiful forms. It is an unwavering constant within a shifting collection of creative compositions. ... the album contains its moments of pure inspired excellence, some lesser than others but ultimately the entire picture is a cohesive and enjoyable one. ... an escape from the doldrums into an atmospheric embrace of the warming, healing aspects of love and affections. There are darker moments to be had, for sure, but you get a sense that even the most difficult aspects of Vanessa's life, as she relates them to us in majestic and steadfast grace and skill, have a light at the end of their respective tunnels.”

"Her voice is rich and her song writing cerebral. She connects with you, I feel, because she has bared her soul and allowed you to experience her trials and tribulations from a safe distance. However, in doing so, we risk venturing so close to the glowing candle that we might get burned. ... Good show! This is one of the better albums I have had the pleasure of listening to in quite some time. Sometimes it takes quite a while for an artist to open up. Sometimes they never really do, and only let us see caricatures of themselves in their music. But Cardui has done listeners a real service by exposing herself emotionally and letting us experience her artistry. Here’s wishing her a ton of success moving forward, and a sincere thank you, Vanessa, for sharing your gift. May all your experiments be as fruitful."