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Us Amongst The Rest / Press

"Trust me (I’m a blogger) – it’s a great track, and I’m looking forward to hearing more from this York based quartet"

"Make sure you include grabbing yourself a copy of UATRs’ debut album and get ready for an eargasm of epic proportions. These guys are gonna be BIG.’"

"Us Amongst The Rest have delivered one of the defining alternative rock debuts of the year, this is a no filler, all thriller affair, that unites power and melody in one very impressive package." 9/10

"if you like strong music that comes with a can-do attitude, it’s definitely worth picking up ‘Follow The Truth’"

"Us Amongst The rest seem to have a song to fit every mood and that's quite outstanding."

"Us Amongst The Rest has given the alternative rock crowd a reason to rejoice and a surefire fan-favorite for years to come!"

"Bands such as Royal Blood and Biffy Clyro have the clear “this is solid, this is exceptional” vibe – this is another one to add to that list. If you haven’t heard of them already, Us Amongst The Rest will soon be everywhere you go."

"Us Amongst the Rest's debut album, "Follow the Truth", is one that I think will have no problem selling. This band has an alternative rock style that I enjoyed."

"Impassioned and skilfully driven, the alternative rock bred sound running through Follow the Truth is an easily impressive proposition."

"The album is basically crammed with the kind of melodies that most modern (hard) rock bands would kill for. Everything from "Fields Of Fray" to "Falling Skies" speak of quality and determination"

"The strength of the band is the ability to write choruses that are planted early lead, as in the case of "Horizons", a song that I would see immediate well as a potential single. The immediacy is not missing in the powerful rise, characterized by a stopped riffing and rhythmic, a simple but perfectly effective and refrain from a solo neoclassical flavour."

"Us Amongst The Rest’s sound is refreshingly original. The album is full tight punchy guitar riffs, powerful vocals and a thunderous rhythm section."

"The songs are catchy, intense, easy listening, bringing to mind that of Papa Roach's hard rocking roots to Bullet for my Valentine's edger roles."

"Over the whole album there is little relief from the musical onslaught, yet the constant quality of material will keep you coming back for more. We like this a lot!"

Guitar Techniques

"It's a record packed with strong melodies and powerful playing"

Rhythm Magazine

"They are a band that are not afraid to wear their heart on their sleeve and bring forth powerful emotion. They take control and demand the most attention."

Fireworks Magazine

"the energy is something to be gloried in - this might be huge!!"

Powerplay Magazine

"with expertly-crafted riffs and impeccable harmonies, 'Follow The Truth' a technically precise and well-executed debut" 7/10

Amy Bangs - Rock Sound Magazine

"The song is an energetic assault on raw rock music showing that it can be melodic and soulful as well."

“A second in and it hits you between the eyes harder than E. Honda’s Hundred Hand Slap...This single, this band – Us Amongst The Rest - needs to be played to the rest of the UK. Be that awful person everybody knows as saying, “I heard them before they were massive…” because they will be. They will be.”

“'...I plug in my over sized Sennheiser headphones and turn on Fields of Fray. AND IT BLEW MY FACE OFF. The song itself is a punchy catchy masterpiece... Blissful Melody and hauntingly good. PHENOMENAL. Well done boys.'”

“Mind blowing riffs, blended with powerhouse percussion, and stunning vocals, what more could you want from a rock band!”