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Unknown Component / Press

"Enigmatic from the band moniker, album/song titles and cover art right down to the existential smorgasbord of his cryptic wordplay, Lynch's music is, nevertheless, consistently melodic, inventive and moving."

“If you’re looking for a complex variety of multiple instrumental facets that turn into an extremely interesting portrayal of darkness, interpersonal relationships and power, then “Blood v. Electricity” may be just what you’re looking for.”

"Silent soliloquy at its moodiest and hookiest"

“The talent I saw before is now mature, the potential is realized, and the flashes of brilliance have been transformed into a consistently alluring and engaging whole.”

“Unknown Component's 'The Infinite Definitive' a definitive success ”

“Unknown Component is already receiving rave reviews in the United States Midwest and it shouldn’t take long for his music to make its way through the States, over the Atlantic and find some kind of place in Britain.”

Dave Scott - Glasswerks

"compiles a pretty decent collection of poppy alt.rock tunes by keeping things accessible without sacrificing his adventurous spirit...... a hidden little nugget for those lucky enough to hear it."

"This is a singer/songwriter with actual words on his mind and music to share. His self-given title as "unknown" deserves to be reversed as soon as possible".

“Overall, Blood v. Electricity is a well-conceived, well-executed album. It is both sophisticated and accessible. On a first listen, it will be unpredictable and exciting. With repeated listening, you will be able to enjoy the many subtleties you may have missed the first time.”

“Unknown Component has been hitting big on a remarkable underground level with an almost unbelievable lack of advertising or corporate sponsorship.”

“Hands down the best one man band that exists today, Lynch plays an accomplished and memorable brand of pensive indie rock”

Tom Haugen - Go211.com

“an unlikely creative hammer striking the anvil of indie pop. This one ('In Direct Communication') should be heard by the masses.”

“As a one-man band, Lynch does an outstanding job fulfilling every role that makes up this album ('In Direct Communication')”

“…Unknown Component is rather outstanding in its musical quality and stands as a talent worth watching in the future. ”

Chelsea Marie Hicks - Des Moines Music Coalition

"..if you're looking for a lyrically driven one-man army of pure indie force, Unknown Component's In Direct Communication will be a pleasant treat."

Chris Taylor - The Loyola Greyhound (Maryland University)