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Uforia / Press

“The Hard Rock Battle of the Bands is great indicator of new bands on the verge of entering a regular rotation on your iPod in months to come afterwards. Last week, GTA natives Uforia took the title. As soon as Uforia began their set, I instantly heard the influence of Benjamin Kowalewicz of Billy Talent in frontman Michael Ursini’s vocals and stage presence. With awesome transitions throughout the songs and a great onstage presence, this band definitely proved to be some great competition by starting the night off on a high note...an actual very high note when considering Ursini’s wicked vocal range.”

“About a month ago, I was catching some live music at Cuchulainn's Irish Pub's Jam Night on a Tuesday night, when this one particular band caught my ear towards the end of the night- I turn around to see this group of talented young musicians rockin' the hell out. At that moment, I really wanted to meet them.”

“If you were to chuck Billy Talent, Panic! At The Disco and a dash of nutmeg into a cauldron you would get Uforia, a four-man group that consists of a trio of Humber Lakeshore music students along with a York University alumnus. With 102 sales of their first EP, Imagining, that released on Nov. 16, the lead singer, Mike Ursini, along with the rest of the band is evidently excited about the good love they’ve felt. “It’s getting great reviews, people are coming back and purchasing a second, third, fourth copy. It’s exciting man.” said Ursini.”

“According to Facebook, Uforia is a "Musician/Band" (an alien, part-human creature with lots of arms and heads). But according to them, they're a band of 4 separate musicians (Michael Ursini - Sam Morton - Adam Brik - Julien Bigras) and they think this makes them revolutionary. They make music for everyone except alien creatures. "Though we're all young (two are 20, one is 23, one is 25), we're seasoned performers who've played on large stages with other bands. Uforia is the combination of these four talents, and we've just begun. We debuted in August 2012 in Toronto at the immortal Drake Hotel, and have played a monthly gig there ever since."”

“Ladies and gentleman, prepare yourselves. Uforia is about to take the stage. Representing Mississauga, Uforia, a four-piece band, made up of lead vocalist, Michael Ursini, lead guitarist, Adam Brik, bassist, Sam Morton and drummer Julien Bigras, has been making big buzz around the city as a serious contender for the Hard Rock Café's "Battle of The Bands."”

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