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TYRADE / Press

“you guys are going places because you're not just a bunch of assholes that play instruments with attitudes, you all put your hearts into it and people can tell from your music and your performances and the way you treat your fans. Karma--what goes out comes right back in ;)”

Jana Blanchard Kilburn - (new fan)

“You guys are extremely down to Earth, treating every fan with the same respect as the next. example being... Despite being on the bill for just about every national act that has come through the area.... You personally hand deliver tickets to your fans, driving all over NYS to deliver to just one person. You show you are willing to do what it takes to make sure noone is left out, and treat every fan as a friend on a personal level.... and by doing so makes people want to push so much harder for you guys to succeed. I personally have met ALOT of great bands, and none of them are nearly as approachable as you guys are. You guys are like the "band" next door, and you have made EVERYONE a part of it. everyone is rooting for you and on some level its also rooting for ourselves. You guys give the rest of us a glimmer of hope, cuz it shows what people can do when they all come together for a common cause no matter where they are from ! and that.... is Tyrade!”

~ Tim Wendt - (long time fan)

“tyrade has molded and formed the music scene to what it is in our area, single handedly.”

anonymous - local musician

“.. you have an extremely solid sound and amazing show preformance, you should be touring extensively..”

Chris, :Lead Vocalist - Oceans Divide

“..over the past year, you guys are probably the hardest working band in the north country...”

Lancer - 94ROCK

"its always hard to capture a great live sound on record, but live, you guys are phenominal"

Lancer - Lancer 94.1FM

“CD REVIEW (not full length, just snips) Belting out his inner strength, Ronn Simser radiates from the speakers with an embracing voice akin to Brandon Boyd (Incubus). But, just when one allows his Trojan horse warmth into their ears, screams of bloody murder provoke headbangers into a freefall of solidarity..... .... Backing Simser is the pendulum, swampy percussion of Machine Gun Matt. Throw in plump bass lines (Tim Anson) and razorblade guitar licks (Tic) - the sentiment is one of chaotic beauty filtering through the depths of society..... .... It’s intriguing to cross paths with actual musicianship and originality right in our own backyard. It’s not all about screaming aimlessly and ripping the loudest guitar riff possible. Tyrade reminds other regional acts of this notion with a swift kick in the ass. Success comes from writing and recording quality material- as proven by this promising group."”