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Tyler T. / Press

“There was a featured artist tonight, Tyler T. new in town from Lubbuck. His setup consisted of guitar, digeridoo, a roland drum module of some sort, looper, and some guitar effects. He knows how to run it all really well! His songs were well written and he has a cool voice and always dead on. He had the full attention of the audience and they liked what he did.”

“Tyler T. has the dope sounds everyone needs”

Captain off the hook - JoCo

“The free-spiritedness and lofty, cloud-like energy radiating from Tyler T.’s album, A World To Wonder, is something both magnetic and captivating. The solo artist is a self-described “one-man band,” and he brings to mind a combination of Keller Williams and Xavier Rudd. Looping techniques and the didgeridoo are at the center of Tyler’s being, with a slew of other instruments finding their way onto A World To Wander. A banjo, triangle, synthesizer, trumpet, fiddle, electric and acoustic guitar and organ are a few of the toys unleashed by the multi-talented Tyler T. and his studio friends. The raspy voice of the 23-year-old Texan is an interestingly smooth accent to this organic, funky and free trip.”