Tygerlily / Press

“Tygerlily is a relatively new band having started in 2011 and just starting to scratch the surface with their unique music. This electronic-driven musical duo uses percussion, keyboards and poetic vocals to capture their fans. “Tonight” the 2nd track is more upbeat and dance heavy. This is a song that seems to be mostly about Lust, the track is well done and seductive at times. It’s almost as if Kate Bush could be singing with Depeche Mode. The 3rd song is “Riptide” combines Switchblade Symphony with the dark melodic edge that created the cult following of Bauhaus. The chorus of “help me, I’m drowning” is the perfect backdrop for the eeriness this song creates. These ladies are definitely something special in the local scene. If you have not seen them perform or have not had the chance to purchase the album yet start off by downloading either “Tonight”, “Riptide” or “Profane” as these tracks really stand out on this album.”