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"Twingiant first came to my attention when we started conversing about carrying their vinyl in the Heavy Ripples Distro. Truthfully, I'd never heard them before, but one listen to "Pelisneros" the first track on Sin Nombre, and I couldn't get their vinyl into the distro quickly enough. I'd never heard anything quite like them before. Like atomic fusion, :Twingiant some how manage to fuse the ugliest, heaviness of sludge with what can only be called beautiful, southwestern desert-tinged guitar passages. It all creates something far more combustible than the hydrogen bomb."

"Influenced by a melting pot of Melvins, Neurosis, Pelican, Clutch, Kyuss, and Black Sabbath – this album is sure to resonate with fans of many different types of metal. Twingiant are a band with addictive sound and a heavy footprint. It wouldn’t be surprising at all if these guys and their incredible musicianship took off very soon. Grab a copy of Sin Nombre today"

“Their debut album was a heavy slab of brilliant Sludge/Stoner Metal riffs. If you’re a fan of The Sword, Mastodon, High On Fire and Sleep then these guys would definitely be on your radar as they were with mine. I reviewed their debut album back in 2012. Well TwinGiant are back with their rifftastic new EP – Sin Nombre – A 5 track and 27-minute blast of hard-rocking riffs to rock out to. Nothing much has changed from their excellent debut. Just more of the same great TwinGiant magic that made me such a fan of their music in the first place.”

"Two things are abundantly clear about Phoenix-based band Twin Giant: they are mighty generous and they are loud as fuck! The reason I say mighty generous is that I received a package in the mail the other day from the band with a beer koozie in it. Thanks for that. It will be put to good use. Now on with the music. Like I said before this band is loud. Their gigantic sound is the backdrop to the Tale of the Space Hobo...[The Space Hobo is a drifter – a derelict. Drunk and disheveled. An old Galactic Marine veteran who fought in the 2nd Milky Way rebellion. He sleeps on benches, pushes around hovercarts, buys forties using galactic credits he pan-handles from the repulsed aliens.] Nice!...Caught in a whirlwind of galactic sludge, the vocals monstrously bark as the thick stoner groove snaps at your heels. Plea to the band...more music please."

“Twin Giant is a Phoenix-based doom metal outfit. The band's music tells the tale of the Space Hobo, "a drifter - a derelict. Drunk and disheveled...He sleeps on benches, pushes around hovercarts, buys forties using galactic credits he pan-handles from the repulsed aliens." The band is scheduled to perform at the Palo Verde Lounge on Friday, September 30.”

“Phoenix-based stoner-metal band Twingiant doesn't screw around when it comes to material. "Songs about being accidentally shot out into space on a giant garbage barge because y'all was sleeping in a pile of garbage when the tractor beam picked y'all up by mistake," reads the bio on the group's (hilarious) Facebook page. We can't verify whether the lyrics of "Adrift in Space" focus on trash-heap abduction —kind of hard to tell through the growly vocals — but we can state without a doubt that the song rocks, grooving like Sleep and Electric Wizard on a steady diet of uppers. The band's webstore, the Space Hobo Boutique, doesn't have any recorded music available to purchase but does feature shot glasses and beer koozies. Clearly, a band with its priorities in line.”