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Twelve Years Driven / Press

“Twelve Years Driven is a alt/metal band from Houston, TX. A journey 12 years in the making brought together Adam Simmons, Larry Gilstrap, Mark Powell, Mark Sebren & Robert Rice to give Texas and the world of metal music something they haven't seen or heard since the early days of Pantera. A quick, hard-hitting 3 song EP highlights everything that is right about this band. A distinct, aggressive lead vocal by Robert Rice, thumping, ground shaking percussion brought by Mark Sebren on drums and Mark Powell on bass, all tied up nice and nasty by Adam Simmons and Larry Gilstrap sharing guitar duty, every song on this EP is a highlight that stands on it's own merit and pays homage to some of the greatest metal bands of all-time. Stop by the band's Reverbnation page and see for yourself why Twelve Years Driven is poised to make their mark on the music scene. They'll leave your ears throbbing and you'll thank them every second of this epic 3 song EP.”

"You ol' boys down in Texas know how to TEAR SHIT UP!! Twelve Years Driven is some BAD-ASS SHIT!!!"

The Sleeping Kingdom - Reverb Nation Artist

"Damn three song EP...I want more!!! Sounds great! Been listening for three days straight! Red shreds! Cancer is my favorite track!"

Joe McWhorter - Twelve Years Driven Fan

"Album is hard! Nice."

Tom Synek - Twelve Years Driven Fan

"I have one issue with the CD...NOT ENOUGH MUSIC. I think I found a new favorite group."

Aron Williams - Twelve Years Driven Fan

"On listening to the EP..."The EP sounds great! Sounds amazing!"

Paul Iudica - Twelve Years Driven Fan

"Fuckin' killer guys!"

Above The Dead - Reverb Nation Artist

"Ok, I just got my Twelve Years Driven CD and I have a legitimate bitch....my CD was not signed!!!"

Jay DeLa Cruz - Twelve Years Driven Fan

"The EP sounds great! The perfect thing to wake me up on my way to work!"

Shannon Lillich - Twelve Years Driven Fan

“On listening to the EP..."Sounds great! I loved it!"”

Doug Blanchard - Twelve Years Driven Fan

“On listening to the EP..."Hell yeah!!! Sounds fucking great!!!"”

Shawn Adamick - Twelve Years Driven Fan

"Cancer" kicks ass!

Fierce Allegiance - Reverb Nation Artist

"For their very first show ever, the results were quite impressive. Their playing was solid and tight, you could tell how much time these guys must have spent in practice; their stage presence reflects experience"..."The entire thing seemed so professionally produced and very well executed"..."Seriously, I did not expect the show that I saw"..."My expectations were not terribly high. What we got, though, was a sonic extravaganza of epic proportion, a well-executed and high-powered exhibition of musicianship that will be talked about for a long time to come"..."The enthusiasm on and off that stage never wavered, they captured the crowd from the opening guitar licks and never let us go. This show was so well played that, had it played instead at the Toyota Center in front of 17,000 people, it would have played exactly the same - and been just as successful".