Tumbleweed Company / Press

"Even in the musical realm, the days and ways of old have long clashed with progressive modernism. Old school rockists refute the authenticity of contemporary music, while the new school argues that the creation of modern styles is an evolutionary process. Between these two poles, the need for compromise arises – luckily, Tumbleweed Company has agreed to meet halfway. And they’ve said it themselves: “A new sound is nothing without an old soul.” Yep – rock ‘n’ roll just got a face lift." "...I dare anyone to attempt such a masterful mix of folk, blues, bluegrass, and Motown."

"Tumbleweed Company may be Boston’s next rock-&-roll group to watch out for. Coining themselves as “musical alchemists,” this band strives to mold a unique sound made up of 7 different band members. Their vast array of classic instruments ranging from mandolin to tambourine to cello make for a new kind of rock energy that many people may not associate with the typical rock-&-roll scene".