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Troy Lindsey / Press

“The track, “No Purpose in Time,” features a female vocalist. Her appearance is quite a jolt after having grown used to Lindsey’s voice, which is as rugged and manly as a truck stop fistfight”

“ In this day of manufactured hits seemingly centered on how outrageous a musician or group of musicians can act, rather than true talent, it’s a clean breath of fresh air to hear authentic music, rather than the histrionically psychotic crap that passes for music, which in today’s music world is often the kiss of death, it seems Read more: http://blogcritics.org/music/article/music-review-troy-lindsey-ride-across/#ixzz1RFNHtSL3”

“Troy Lindsey Releases Ride Across The Sun Troy Lindsey embodies the spirit of a traveler. Troy has seen the world numerous times over and the current state of the world is the topic for much of his latest release – Ride Across The Sun.”

“Troy Lindsey is the epitome of a rolling stone, or perhaps a wandering prophet. As a helicopter mechanic, he travels around the world training people and servicing machines. He has seen a lot of the world, and the bent shape its in, and his soulful response is what drives his music”

“Troy Lindsey may be a solo artist, but he doesn’t work alone. His two full-length albums make use of musicians throughout the Wenatchee Valley, including family members. The most recent, “Ride Across the Sun,” gets its official release party Friday at Caffé Mela.”

“Upset over a world that wronged him one too many times, Troy Lindsey begins his bumpy Ride Across the Sun in a foul mood. Luckily, as is so often the case, a good woman can make all the difference.”

“This is a radio interview with Isaac at Koho Radio station in Leavenworth Wa”

“Troy's sound is getting edgier, crisper. Kristen's voice is much more than just an added feature. Definitely leaves you wanting to hear more. Looking forward to the new album!”

“His entire studio fit on the coffee table! A laptop, a high-end USB audio input device, headphones, and a microphone.”

“This is an interview with Koho radio on CD release”

“Here is an article related to the Battle of the Bards”