Tristan Omand / Press

“As listeners, Somewhere Between India & Idaho, gives us great insight into his fruitful ability to write wrenching tales of love and everything that goes on in between.”

“The wiry 25-year-old performs with an intensity that makes one forget it's just him and his guitar on stage...”

“A very interesting and bold-voiced post-punk songwriter from Manchester...”

“His musical style might be considered Folk. You might also call it country, or Americana, but whatever you label it, his earthy, realistic lyrics reveal a man full of youthful wonderlust, strong passion and molten ambition.”

Adam McCune - The Union Leader

“Tristan is cut from the same mold as Buddy Holly. Physically, he could be his nephew, complete with the thick rimmed glasses. There's something else there too- you can feel he's going to do big things.”

Adam McCune - The Union Leader

“A gifted singer and songwriter, Omand is on a playing field with many performers who’ve been doing this for as long as Omand has been alive.”

“It’s ironic that the last song on Tristan Omand’s debut CD is titled “Not Going Far,” considering that this 24-year-old seems destined to have a long and brilliant career. ”

“The Blue Mermaid played Tristan Omand’s song “The Crying Hills” off of his album Factotum. It was so surreal to hear our friends music playing over the speakers.”


"This is a great brace of tunes from the unplugged world."

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