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Triggerman / Press

"...a life-affirming,neck-bothering opus...anyone compelled by the power of the Riff should feel duty bound to pick this up"

"If you love your metal with plenty of groove and attitude, this short sampler of the force that is Triggerman is an essential purchase 5/5"

"... the good news for all fans of the band is that OLT&R&RH picks up pretty much from where Hail To The River Gods left off."

".. an exceptional new incitement from a band which should have its name spoken alongside the likes of Svolk, Black Tusk, and Red Fang from now on in. Triggerman have always been setting standards to match the names of heavy rock and metal but now they run the risk of being a template for new bands."

““Triggerman are the type of act you'll always remember seeing live for the first time.” BBC Across The Line Jan 2013 ”

"..Hail To The River Gods is a booze-fuelled, riff-laden beast that mixes the menace of Mondo Generator with the righteous rock of Clutch.Excellent Stuff 8/10"

Metal Hammer Magazine #239 Jan 2013

"..we bring you arguably the most exciting release of the year....Quite simply Hail To The River Gods is one of the best releases this year and Triggerman our new best friends. Go discover them for yourselves and join their addicted ranks too."

"..their third record is a suitably titanic-sounding affair that's recommended for anyone compelled by the power of the riff.Rise Of The Woodsmen especially is a future pit anthem"

Edwin McFee - Hot Press Magazine October 2012

"As soon as that first earth-shattering riff kicks in you’ll be hooked....if you like your metal a little bit groovey and your riffs a big bit fucking epic, then I can heartily recommend Triggerman for your delectation. All Hail!!!" 4/5

"This album is nothing but pure and unadulterated metal, delivering finely crafted rock that is rock as it should be...It is the spartan assault of 2 guitars, bass, drums, and unique vocal delivery that form the phalanx for a lean and brutal assault on the senses."

"Triggerman’s third slab of dirty heavy rock is probably their best yet. ...all heavy boogie with menacing guitars with equally menacing prose, this is probably how rock music should sound, and probably would sound if you stripped away the ‘image’ and got back down to the meat and bones and gravy of it." 4/5

"This four man crew piles on some massive riffage and then some more, marinates them with a deep groove...easily recommended" 4/5

“This latest offering comes hot on the heels of the warmly praised 'Brand New Day', and suffice to say, they've not lost a jot of grit, balls or charm. 8/10”

“..to say that this album is jammed full of riffs is an understatement of the worst kind: it’s positively overflowing with them......If you’re into deep, deep southern swamp acts like BLS, Down, EyeHateGod et al – well, clear a massive big space in your CD collection, ‘cos you’re gonna want to make room for Triggerman. 9.5/10”

"big and large chunks of solid sound meet on driving rhythms and landscapes made ​​of fat riffs...TRIGGERMAN rock your sock's off!!!! 8/10

"It's easy to sound generic in the world of Stoner Rock so Triggerman come as a real breath of fresh air to the genre.This is blues with walloping dollops of metal and a groove that is a vast cavern of cacophany.Check them out you won't regret it"


"This has a huge stoner groove,a pumping blues heart and a fighting spirit.It's Scissorfight with an Irish accent and stabs you right in the soul"


" they've shown a little different facet with their songwriting beyond churning out churlish party anthems. "

“They have the ability to shake out a flaming riff, liberally dose it in a metal ethic and then hurtle the resulting massive morning star into orbit. Brand New Day is a formidably foaming and feral flash.”

"If I were to have a flutter on a few bands that could make it this year these guys would be one..."

“If you're in one of those moods to just enjoy some proper fuckin' rock and 'Ace of Spades' has been too overplayed to satisfy, lash this one on, you won't regret it. The riffing, the grooving, the snarling all adds up to a heady brew to quench the heavy thirsts. 8/10”

“Does anyone else see the irony that so many of the best heavy Southern Rock bands worth their weight are coming from the United Kingdom? TRIGGERMAN is no exception with their new album Brand New Day delivering a bunch of booze-filled swagger of down-tuned riffs that stand up with the cream of the crop....”

“The truth is if the likes of Clutch and Down are so worthy of all the praise they regularly receive, you better bow to your knees and worship Triggerman because they are just as good, if not better than many of these mainstream stoner metal acts.”

“...the way Triggerman deliver their stuff is remarkable. Seldom has such a stale genre as hardrock been reanimated as well as on ‘Brand New Day’.”

“Brand New Day is how deeply grooving, bluesy metal should be performed, leaving no doubt that Triggerman have the songs and the savvy to be huge.”

“Triggerman are undeniably an awesome band with a trick bag of killer riffs slung over their backs and a whole load of "fuck you" swagger in their delivery.”

“.. my suggestion is to stock up, fill your cabinets with whiskey, your fridge with beer, and invite 30-40 of your closest friends before cranking it up. Brand New Day isn't an album. It's a party.”

“The band has a bombastic, thunderous sound that steamroll's its way over the top of you at first before you get settled into what this band is all about which is unpretentious kick-ass rock music.”

“If you enjoy the sounds of bands like Clutch, Mastodon and Down then Brand New Day won’t go amiss among your CD collection.”

“Prog rock this ain't, Triggerman find a riff, lock into a groove and pound away at it until it's hammered into your cerebellum.”

"So if you have been longing for a band that just raaaawwwwks then look no further, Triggerman is your fix."

"a four-headed riffing machine..."