Trapdoor Social / Press

“About two-thrids of the way into “Away”, the heavy guitar break and the following complex vocals hit me by surprise, and helped show me what this very commercial band is capable of.””

“Songs are anthemic with an energy bursting somewhere between Jimmy Eat World and the Killers.”

“Rock Duo Trapdoor Social's "Away” Named December "Best Song Of The Month"”

“Anthemic, catchy indie from LA.”

“Explosively emotional and fun as hell, Trapdoor Social is an eclectic band of indie rock and pop influence that get better and better the more you listen to them.”

“The whistling that starts the song “Away” initially brought our attention to Trapdoor Social, but it’s the music as a whole that maintains that attention.”

“They've managed to wow almost 30,000 fans, and with Popscores consistently in the 90's they're bound for success.”

“Trapdoor Social is an amazing group that is bringing something refreshing to the music industry.”

“In between studying solar and other renewable energies, and getting all Captain Planet and shit, the boys made music. Death of a Friend is their debut EP, released in December, on which the rollicking "Away" is featured.”

"Featured Artist: Trapdoor Social - California-based duo talks of urban farming, Death Cab for Cutie and Co-writing"

“Coming up from beneath our holiday food hangovers, we took some time to talk with self-described Alternative Energy Rock group Trapdoor Social, one of our SB7 Artists. Trapdoor Social is one part Merritt Graves (informed by symphonic British rock) and one part Skylar Funk (with singer-songwriter influences), so the resultant sound is an eclectic collaboration. The guys have been pretty busy and just last week released a new video. Their unique video storytelling is an important part of their music identity and their constantly evolving visual style is compelling and entertaining. Check out the new video below! ”

“Trapdoor Social, a new Los Angeles based band making music as a tool for change.”

"If you like the sound of bands like Foster the People, Muse, or Coldplay then give these guys a listen."