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Transcend with Time / Press

“Very very Nice, really !! :) Great work !!”

Didier Chapelle

“Great music here!”

Massimo Ghianda

“Amazing sound going on here. Enjoyed my listen very much . Keep up the excellent work going.”


“Excellent and beautiful music. I love well composed uplifting music like this. Job well done my friend. You have a fan. ”


“awesome work here, really cool and fantastic”

Ling-Ling Alfari

“Playing Hourglass Falls...some fine work here. Awesome stuff.”

Joe-NYC Guitarist

“Tuning into some of your sounds......loving them - Hourglass, A silent Lullaby....i'll pass by this way again soon to tune into the others....keep them coming :)”

June Stevenson

“genius, fabulous, fantastic, excellent and very entertaining, WOW nice execution .. great work !!!”

Dani MkD in Goodwill

“Beautiful music....."A Silent Lullaby"..is very moving..all the best”



Multiversal Radio

“We wish every success to this excellent last album "The calling whisper". From now on our regular programming. Blessings and encouragement to continue. From your friends www.pumpkinradio.com”

“Very Cool nice progressive sound! Totally diggin your music:) "Beside the Mirror" and "Hourglass Fall" are awesome!”

Present Days Bliss

“Came back for more. Great music, enjoyed listening! Keep up the good work”


“Beautiful music!! Excellent work!”

Laramie Cooley

“Felicitaciones por tus músicas,realmente son muy buenas!”

Fernando Adrian Correa

“Loving the moods you produce.”

Xenophanes Productions

“Having a good listen this afternoon. Very Colorful Sonic Palette that took me to another World. Great stuff! Many Blessing's to you.”

Tracy Quinn O'Brien

“I'm really enjoying your atmospheric songwriting. Very well produced. All the best.”

Rowan - The Mad Pride

“Very original, celestial and creative!”

Tym Deal

“Listening to your beautiful music, Thank you for sharing your beautiful universe, Absolutely fantastic, I love it!”

Ryo Utasato

“TRuly beautiful and relaxing pieces that takes you................................far”

The Silence

“great soundscapes... sensible... soothing... excellent in the genre !”


“Wonderful sound scape escapes...cool and peaceful”

New Hang Ups

“Enjoyed these ambient soundworx! Nicely done.”


“Excellent relaxing music”

Giampiero B.

“Very nice, lovely lines and concepts”

The Personal Development Meditation Relaxation Guru Monks

“This is a pleasant CD to chill with. It is like a glimpse of someones life, the highs and lows and in the end there is a positive outlook for their future. Looking forward to more from Transcend With Time. Definitely get a copy for yourself!! ”

Jon - Jon

“Mark is obviously a gifted sound chemist; he mixes sounds in a very pleasing yet unpredictable manner. The CD also boasts a high level of musicianship. I predict this guy will be working on movie soundtracks someday!”

“Wonderful music! A welcome addition to the station for the listeners! Ratings from 8.6 to 9.2 out of 10! They like it as much as I do!”

“Awesome modes and mood intensive music. Love it. ”

Robert Oram

“I think this for me is Mark Mendieta's best instrumental work. He has acheived a level of excellence hard to pass. Treat yourself to a copy of "A Haunting Presence," and lay back and chill.”

Mark Baston - Mark Baston

“Looking for something new, something different and exciting. Well, new age music fans – we urge you to check out the album A Haunting Presence by Transcend with Time. ”

“All in all, another great release from this talented man, and will definitely be appreciated by people who enjoy classical and world music. Get yourself a copy, and support an artist with a vision for great music!! ”

Mark Baston - Mark Baston

“Transcend with Time provides excellence and thought provocation to a genre that's often hungry for it. With Transcend with Time, I'd say that you can go and listen to the available projects with high expectations and you won't be disappointed. ”

“Listening to Transcend With Time is a refreshing and energizing challenge, like a brisk walk through wooded mountain trails. ”