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Towards Darkness / Press

“Canadian doom metal mavens Towards Darkness were once called The Mass, who put out an album called Towards Darkness. Confused? Allow the slow crawl of “Continuity Errror” to seep through your pores long enough, and your befuddlement will be whisked away by the foreboding sonic heft brought on by this outfit. Strong keyboard work and well-measured tempos give this six-track affair a truly chilling effect, and when the roaring Isis-like vocals kick in, best brace yourself for a maelstrom to crush your soul. Funeral-like in its approach with shards of atmospheric post-hardcore thrown in for good measure (“Despair”), this 63-minute excursion pounds and plods its way through with all of the sloth-like nuances to make for a convincing slab of doom metal.”


“RATING 70/100 So, Solemn is the band’s first release? Is Funeral Doom so easy to play and master? Or does the genre feed more off emotion and feel than musical experience. Irrelevant, perhaps because Towards Darkness has power over its delivery. Although, the group had an album when it used The Mass as its name. Typically long songs, ambient drones and psychedelic beats pulse under the crushing heavy weight of doom and desolation side-by-side with electronic undertones. The music moves slowly but lumbers its weight with distinction. It is a constant attempt at bearing down on the listener without yielding. Names? Pan-Thy-Monium, Catacombs and Evoken. The vocals are convincing growls that are evil, downtrodden and scary. The death knell of apocalypse is how an initiate might describe this. Perhaps horror and science fiction should wake up to this aural desolation. Twilight Foundation’s two bands, TD and Longing For Dawn, may have a band or two to offer. ”